Sublime Speaks: Low tax rates attracting new home buyers to Indiana

Sublime Speaks: Low tax rates attracting new home buyers to Indiana

Northwest Indiana has become a serene haven where families can truly thrive, and the recent influx of out-of-state homeowners can attest to this fact. People flock to Northwest Indiana to take advantage of the increased safety, great schools, and low property taxes -- all conveniently located just outside of Chicago! Northwest Indiana has it all, providing you with the best of all possible worlds. 

Sublime’s preferred lender, Peoples Bank, sees Northwest Indiana as an area filled with lucrative potential as the area continues to grow in drastic rates. According to Jeremy Gorelick at Peoples Bank, “Northwest Indiana has seen a huge increase in buyers coming from across the Illinois state line. Many factors have contributed to this recent influx of borrowers, however the current 1% property tax cap for owner occupied properties is one that can’t be overlooked. The savings can lead to more buying power as it relates to amounts being financed compared to most properties located in the Illinois suburbs."

Although tax savings are important, it is also crucial to understand the great history and opportunities that lie here in the ‘Region.’ NW Indiana, which is considered a suburb of Chicago, has excellent health care facilities, job opportunities, and many of the same amenities found in Chicago. Saint John, Indiana, a city in Northwest Indiana in which Sublime has developments, was recently named one of the ‘Wealthiest Cities’ in Indiana by 24/7 Wall Street and was ranked as one of the ‘Top 100 Place to Live in the US’ by CNN in 2009.” 

With the potential to save due to Indiana’s 1% property tax cap, home shoppers who want to remain close to all the fun amenities and job opportunities found in Chicago can finally do so without compromising long-term savings while also taking advantage of the massive increase in buying power when they choose to settle in Northwest Indiana. Naturally, the lower property taxes in Indiana for new homes helps foster an environment where families hoping to invest in the American Dream can receive much-needed relief as they create their ideal life. 

A recent Sublime home buyer, Brian Bandyk, sums up the unique advantages the area has to offer up best:

St. John is one of many comfortable areas in Northwest Indiana perfect for investing in your new home and raising your family. This quaint city has everything you and your family needs to live the life you deserve, from a tranquil setting, to a spacious home, to access to some of the best jobs in the country. When you make your home in St. John, or any city in Northwest Indiana, you are taking the first step to bettering your life.