Sublime Homes’ President: adapting building practices as an essential business

Sublime Homes’ President: adapting building practices as an essential business

Over the past few months, companies everywhere have changed the way they do business, with many organizations adapting to remote work options in response to COVID-19. While most industries have transitioned to online operations and work from home models, employees of essential businesses have had to adapt in other ways to ensure the highest level of safety as they continue to go into work each week. Michael Graniczny, Builder and President of Sublime Homes in St. John, said he and his staff are continuing to adapt every month.

“To me, construction is part of the backbone of our economy,” Graniczny said. “This continues to make me think about our future homeowners and what their new needs and wants will be. Maybe couples will be working from home and need two offices? Will more people want to build and live in a better home, even their dream home, now that they've been spending so much time there for so long? I want myself and our team to adapt to the ‘new norm’ so that we can continue to help our homeowners on an even greater scale.”

“In the beginning, I knew I didn't want myself, our team, or our sub-contractors and clients to face this with fear,” Graniczny said. “I wanted us to be wise, follow the necessary guidelines, but continue to look for opportunities to display our company's core values and keep on working.”

To accomplish this mission and move forward during the challenging times of COVID, Graniczny sent out an encouraging email to his team and their subs, and created a message on the company website. In addition to implementing standard social distancing guidelines wherever possible, Graniczny and his team made sure all their jobsites were stocked with ample sanitation supplies and limited the number of subs on site at a time.

“Of course we also had team members work from home, and some are continuing to do so, alternating days in office so there's not too many of us at one time,” Graniczny said.

Sublime Homes has been diligent in its efforts to remain safe and functional throughout the pandemic. Videoconferencing has become a regular method of communication, facilitating the continued success of their team with the wellbeing of their clients in mind.

“We made sure to let our homeowners know that our doors were still open, our schedules were still moving forward, and we were going to keep on keeping on with their homes unless we were told not to,” Graniczny said.

For essential workers, shutting down wasn’t an option. They are the sole force keeping the economy moving and, in some cases, saving lives in the process. Sublime Homes is embracing this role during this global crisis.

In responding to COVID, Sublime Homes was inspired by their trade partner Gilbert Campos of Rock Hard Concrete in St. John.

"I tried to maintain a positive attitude, adjusting when needed but continuing to push forward with our concrete work as usual,” Campos said. “It was important for me to keep my employees working so they could provide for their families." 

"Seeing Gilbert from Rock Hard Concrete have that positive mindset helped me to remain positive and keep to business as usual,” said Megon Ganzeveld, Accounting & Office Manager at Sublime Homes. “It helped so much knowing that my accounts payable allow our trades to pay their employees and provide for their families during this time."

While adapting to COVID has certainly not been easy, it has brought to light the crucial role that all essential workers play in our communities.

“There are many people behind the scenes helping take care of us every day, from health care workers, first responders, grocery store workers, delivery services, garbage removal, and mail,” Graniczny said. “The list of what hasn't stopped could go on, and we have been more than privileged to have them and their services. With deep gratitude, I say thank you and want the workers to know how important they are to us.”