Sublime Homes’ Peace of Mind Promise helps clients rest easy while creating dream homes

Sublime Homes’ Peace of Mind Promise helps clients rest easy while creating dream homes
By: Kayla Belec Last Updated: February 5, 2020

Whether you’re a first-time home buyer with a vision or a retiree wanting to set down roots in the house you’ve always dreamed of, creating a dream home can be a bit overwhelming. For every step of the process, it’s important to work alongside experts who can manage the project and ensure their customers are enjoying themselves along the way. 

Sublime Homes takes every facet of the client experience into account. The expert design team cares as much about the customer’s thoughts and feelings throughout the design and building process as they do about creating the desired finished product itself. To demonstrate their commitment, Sublime Homes created the Peace of Mind Promise.

“From start to finish, we promise to do everything within our power to ensure a low-stress, rewarding building experience,” stresses the Sublime Homes team in their Peace of Mind Promise. 

Sharon Hunter and Janet Vink, two recent clients of Sublime Homes, attested to the promise’s value. Both had a pleasant and exciting custom home-building experience.

Hunter and her husband Mark started working with Sublime Homes in August 2018 with a move-in date of June 2019. With their kids grown up and living with children of their own, it was time for the couple to find a home that checked off everything on their wishlist.

“We chose Sublime after looking at one of their model homes in The Preserves, a subdivision we were interested in building in,” Hunter said. “After talking with Michael [Graniczny, CEO of Sublime Homes], it didn’t take us long to realize that when we were ready, they would be our builder.”

The potential the Hunters saw in Sublime Homes paid off.

“The attention to detail from the ground up was superior, not only from their communication portal with clients but even the sub contractors they worked with were above par,” Hunter said. “My husband and I each had certain things we wanted and dreamed of, and they always listened attentively to those needs and then pulled it all together for us.”

The Sublime Homes team navigated areas of indecision that often lead to anxiety. 

“Sublime Homes made this as stress-free as possible by always having a representative with us during the big decisions, like brick, tile, faucets, stone, et cetera,” Hunter said. “Their designers are top-notch and really learned our design aesthetic and pulled it together throughout the house to make it very cohesive.”

Hunter said she would recommend Sublime Homes to anyone.

“We have and will continue to recommend them,” she said. “We really view them as the up-and-coming builders in Northwest Indiana.”

Vink, a retiree, started work on her dream home with Sublime Homes in late November 2018, leading to groundbreaking in April 2019. She closed on the new home in October 2019 after working on the design and selection process from groundbreaking to closing.

“I had been searching for a new home for a couple of years and could not find exactly what I wanted,” Vink said. “Then I walked into the Madison model in The Preserves and fell in love with the design. I immediately thought to myself, ‘This is it!’ and met with them soon afterwards.”

Throughout the entire project, several things stood out to Vink. One of them was the integrity Sublime Homes demonstrated.

“Being a family business, Sublime takes pride in delivering a quality product and pays attention to every little detail,” she said. “Even in our closing walk-throughs, they noticed things that needed correction that I would never have mentioned.”

Along with that honesty was a sincerity in feeling. 

“I always felt that every person I had contact with really cared about the clients and wanted to get to know their needs as individuals instead of delivering a cookie-cutter product,” Vink said.

Sublime Homes worked to ensure that the Vink’s home matched her vision.

“It was important to me to have the look and feel of the house be cohesive throughout, but still have a few personal elements that would set it apart from other similar houses,” she said. “The designers helped me to choose selections that worked well together. For instance, I wanted a window bench buildout in my master bedroom, and they helped me to customize the plan for that.”

Vink was grateful for the constant guidance Sublime Homes provided.

“This was the first time that I built a home, and I was amazed by how many individual decisions and selections were required. They helped me to chunk it down, following a mapped-out process so that I did not feel overwhelmed throughout it all,” she said. “Plus, they are all fun people to spend time with, so that made the process even easier.”

Testimonials affirm a positive feeling, but additional information is always helpful. Here are a few more factors of the Peace of Mind Promise that address any lingering questions interested parties might have: 

Q: How will I communicate my concerns and get answers throughout the building process?   

A: With Sublime Homes, you will always have a voice and be heard. The customer communication process ensures you get the answers you need, when you need them.  

Q: Is the selection process stressful?   

A: Sublime Homes provides you with a Personal Design Assistant to help you through this step, ensuring the easiest selection process possible. 

Q: How can I be sure there are no hidden or unexpected costs?   

A: Sublime Homes’ unique Investment Roadmap ensures budget safety throughout the design-build process.  

Q: How can I be sure my new home will be completed on schedule?  

A: Sublime Homes’ time-tested scheduling process ensures your project will be completed as close to the original completed date as possible.    

Q: Once I’ve made my final payment and moved in, how can I be sure any unfinished items or warranty issues will be resolved satisfactorily?   

A: Sublime Homes wants you to remain a happy member of Sublime Family beyond the designing and building stages, and their patented warranty process ensures you will be.

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