Sublime Homes gives realtors a leg up at ‘Lunch and Learn’

Sublime Homes gives realtors a leg up at ‘Lunch and Learn’
By: Kole Rushmore Last Updated: February 22, 2019

More than a dozen area realtors attended a “Lunch & Learn” on Thursday afternoon at the Rose Garden subdivision in St. John. In addition to showcasing their newly constructed house, Sublime Homes wanted the chance to meet realtors face-to-face.

“I love this because when selling, there are always questions and instead of having to call the builder, [Sublime Homes] is showing us everything,” said Nina Wiseman, a Century 21 Affiliate. “I’ve never had a builder do this. They answered a lot of questions by inviting us and talking in person because they know buyers will ask you those questions.”

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Aside from being able to meet the team at Sublime, attendees were able to see their craftsmanship up close. Another highlight of the afternoon was from Michael Alexander, an in-house lending partner for Sublime Homes, who educated realtors on the significance of not waiting to buy and the costs associated with not moving forward. 

“One of my favorite parts about this is the loft upstairs, the rustic look inside with a modern, new look outside,” Wiseman said. “Another great thing about their homes is that everything here comes standard and you don’t get that very often.”

Sublime Homes is unlike any other builder in NWI. As a testament to their commitment to quality, Amy Alexander, sales and marketing director for Sublime Homes, shared a personal account.

“A few months ago, we had an issue with one of the brickmasons we used. When builder and Sublime Homes president Mike Graniczny reviewed the home he thought the quality wasn’t there,” she said. “Turned out the brick was too close to the side of the house and didn’t leave enough room for the house to breathe. We ended up tearing the brick down, and found a brickmason that could meet our standard of quality.”

The expert team at Sublime Homes is known for creating beautifully crafted homes that reflect their clients’ budgets, personal tastes, and lifestyles.

“The difference in our homes is I treat each one as if it were mine,” Graniczny said. “It’s not about getting the cheapest of anything in the house. It’s truly providing what we consider the best quality and focusing more on the design side of the house for the clients.”

Sublime Homes has built their homes in several different communities around the Region. Earning them a reputation of unmatched quality and craftsmanship.

“A big plus for us is our full design team, which a lot of builders in the area don’t have,” Alexander said. “The thing for us is maintaining that quality. We know what our team is equipped to handle and it allows us to produce a much more superior product.”

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