Strack & Van Til’s floral department meets all your flower needs with exceptional care and passion

Strack & Van Til’s floral department meets all your flower needs with exceptional care and passion

When it comes to big events – be it weddings, funerals, or graduation parties – floral arrangements can really make or break the atmosphere. Despite this fact, many are hesitant to reach out to a florist due to the cost of personalized floral arrangements and the distance between themselves and the florist. With Strack & Van Til’s floral department, both problems are handily eliminated.

“We have seasoned designers, just like retail sellers, that are extremely passionate,” said Strack & Van Til Floral Director Jen Knoche. “We’re a more cost-effective option, and we're also available a lot more. Retail florists have certain hours that they stick to. We're open all the time.”

Strack’s floral department offers a variety of services in-store, out of the store, and through the company’s website. In the store, customers can pick up grab-and-go plants, candies, and specialty chocolates from Fannie May. They can also get arrangements made in-store.

“We offer arrangements made to order,” said Floral Specialist Wendy Scheeringa. “You can pick out whatever you like in the shops, and we can put it all together in a vase or a bouquet. We have balloons and candy bouquets as well as plush items to add on to the flower arrangements.”

Strack’s floral department also offers full-service options for events like weddings and engagement parties, meaning Strack’s can offer anything that a retail florist can. The company has 16 full-service stores throughout the Region as well as a website that can help you get started with the event planning process.

“We do weddings, funerals, engagement parties, bridal showers, all of it,” said Knoche. “A lot of our main design work is through school dances: proms, formals, homecomings. Those are really really big for us. We also deliver and set up.”

For big events like these, Strack’s full-service stores offer consultations with floral specialists and designers to ensure that you’re getting exactly what you envision. Once you meet the team in person, you’ll be given the opportunity to share inspirational photos, pick out color schemes, and work out the finer details as far as the number and types of flowers needed.

"After that, we'll go back to our vendors and get the best price possible for you,” said Knoche. “One thing that we take pride in is that we can typically offer a much better price than a retail florist can because we have a lot more buying power.” 

The website offers an additional self-service option to customers that skip having to travel to a Strack’s location with delivery services. Items on the storefront are updated regularly to match the seasons and holidays. Plus, if you spend over $30 on the website, the order comes with free delivery. Delivery is typically same-day or one day from ordering.

“There are everyday occasions, and then there are special occasions: sympathy, birthdays, get wells, anniversaries. There'll be holidays like Valentine's Day, Christmas, and Thanksgiving. The customer can just select an arrangement, and, if they’re in the delivery range of one of our stores that offers the online service, then customers can proceed with the order,” said Scheeringa.

Across the entire department, a lot of work goes into making sure the product is of the highest quality since everything is fresh and organic. This includes caring for the plants on the floor, working with vendors to gain stock, and designing bouquets and arrangements. Strack’s florists enjoy the challenge, especially given how passionate they are.

“There's a lot of work that goes into plants that we have on display,” said Scheeringa. “Maintaining the plants in the department includes making sure everything's watered and ready to buy. There's a lot of care involved in the floral department; it just becomes a part of who you are. It typically is not just what you do for work. It's your passion.”

To browse what’s currently available for delivery, set up a consultation, or learn more about Strack & Van Til’s floral department, visit its website.