Strack & Van Til “Rounds Up” for Salvation Army in Checkout Challenge

Strack & Van Til “Rounds Up” for Salvation Army in Checkout Challenge

Friday, on National Thrift Shop Day, Strack and Van Til presented checks to three different branches of the Salvation Army from their recent Round Up Checkout Challenge campaign.

The Strack and Van Til "Checkout Challenge" fundraiser encourages Northwest Indiana locals to donate their money to fund various charitable organizations within the Region. In this most recent challenge, cashiers would round up participating customers’ items to the nearest dollar to donate to the Salvation Army.

"The Salvation Army is a great organization that you don't think about until there is a need for them," said Jeff Strack, President and CEO of Strack and Van Til. "Whether it's a disaster or other hardships that families go through during the year, Salvation Army is there to help make a difference in the community."

Strack and Van Til is focused on how to make Northwest Indiana an even better place. The company leaders hope that their partnership with such local organizations will help give back to the community.

"Those little additions have a big impact on the organization, and we're happy that we have such great customers and to be able to support the Salvation Army," Strack said.

Each cent donated to Salvation Army goes toward feeding programs, Pathway of Hope, and youth programs to help needy children and families. Pathway of Hope assists struggling families by helping them get an education, find employment, and overcome their circumstances.

"These kids need good healthy meals, and our food pantry provides that," said Kevin Feldman, Director of Development for Salvation Army Lake County. "We're also one of the few nonprofitable organizations to provide music instruction to children in public schools."

Salvation Army wants to help children not only succeed but thrive. The youth programs help the children gain confidence and leadership skills. One of their programs involves musical instruction for children who want to play instruments. Salvation Army also has a back to school program, where they provide children with backpacks and school supplies. These programs take place in East Chicago, Gary, Merrillville, Hammond, Munster, Jasper County, and Porter County.

"We had a great response from our customers: we raised over $33,000," said Fran King, Executive Administrative Assistant of Strack and Van Til. "Salvation Army does great things for our customers in the community and we help them out, so it's a win-win."

Strack and Van Til aim to continue their strong partnership with the Salvation Army to support the community.

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