Strack & Van Til makes the holidays easy

Strack & Van Til makes the holidays easy

Planning for the holidays can be overwhelming. Decorating the house, buying gifts, and planning meals can take this joyous time and make it incredibly stressful.

Strack & Van Til food market has a way to take one thing off your plate. With its Meals Made Easy program, Strack & Van Til provide everything you need for a delicious holiday meal without all the hassle.

"We can help make your holiday brighter and your life a whole lot easier with delicious, fully-cooked meals from the deli department," said Strack & Van Til Deli Director Kristin Snow.

As part of its deli department, Strack & Van Til’s Meals Made Easy includes a variety of options that suit everyone’s needs.

An easy, everyday option is Strack & Van Til’s Crock Pot Packs.

“When it comes to feeding families, as well as individuals, Strack & Van Til is always looking for ways to make our customers’ lives easier,” said Meat Department Director Gary Teachman. “We’re so excited about our Crock Pot Packs that we’re offering them at all Strack & Van Til locations.”

Customers can choose among pork rump, pot roast, or chicken breast for their Crock Pot Pack. These ready-to-go dishes are approximately three pounds and come with everything you need to prepare a meal for four-six people.

Including a signature seasoning packet as well as the accompanying vegetables, customers can enjoy a healthy, fresh meal for their entire family.  

Strack & Van Til also has you covered for those festive dinners as well.

Supporting every palate, customers have the option of a completed turkey or ham dinner for the holidays.

The Traditional Turkey Dinner includes a 10-12 pound turkey, two pounds of stuffing, five pounds of mashed potatoes, 24 ounces of gravy, and 15 ounces of cranberry sauce. This meal is meant to serve six-eight people for only $69.99.

Another holiday option is the eight pound ham meal. At $54.99 for six-eight people, it includes the same sides as the Traditional Turkey option while substituting the homemade stuffing for two pounds of green bean casserole.

Finally, Strack’s Meals Made Easy also has a three pound turkey breast option that serves six people for $54.99 as well.

You can round out your entire meal with a Strack & Van Til side. By selecting from an assortment of appetizers, desserts, and sides, customers can make their holidays simple.

Customers don’t have to wait for the holiday season to use Strack & Van Til’s Meals Made Easy. The deli department at Strack’s provides heat-and-serve meals throughout the year.

Whether it’s grabbing a rotisserie chicken or heating up a complete chicken pot pie, the deli counter has prepacked meals that are ready to go for customers year-round. These meals adjust and change throughout the year, so be sure to check out the deli section at Strack & Van Til’s frequently.

Anyone interested in purchasing a Strack & Van Til Meal Made Easy can visit its website or stop by one of its 22 locations throughout the Region.