Strack & Van Til hosts annual Charity Golf Outing at White Hawk Country Club

Strack & Van Til hosts annual Charity Golf Outing at White Hawk Country Club

Golf enthusiasts shuffled in early while the bogeys were still asleep as Strack & Van Til hosted its annual Charity Golf Outing at White Hawk Country Club. The event, an almost half-century-long tradition, has been hosted at various golf courses across Northwest Indiana. Although the location has changed throughout the years, its mission has not: to provide vendors and community partners of Strack & Van Til an opportunity to escape the office environment and enjoy each other’s company as an expression of their appreciation.

Strack & Van Til Charity Golf Outing 2022

Strack & Van Til Charity Golf Outing 2022 33 Photos
Strack & Van Til Charity Golf Outing 2022Strack & Van Til Charity Golf Outing 2022Strack & Van Til Charity Golf Outing 2022Strack & Van Til Charity Golf Outing 2022

For CEO and President of Strack & Van Til Jeff Strack, this gathering allows the Northwest Indiana grocery store chain to give back to partners which they feel grateful for. Strack believes that there is a symbiotic relationship between the company, the consumer, and the vendors which allows Strack & Van Til’s operations to continue to support life in the Region.

“I appreciate all of our vendors’ and partners’ support. I really look forward to continuing to support organizations and events that really enhance the quality of life in Northwest Indiana,” said Strack. “While we couldn't be successful without having customers or our employees, our vendor partners also play a huge role in that. It's like a three legged stool: customers, vendors and our employees, so we're very appreciative of everything they do for us,”

Strack is also proud to have all proceeds from the golf outing to go directly to the Strack & Van Til Foundation, a charity which supports a diversity of causes in the area.

“It supports local organizations and events throughout the course of the year in Northwest Indiana,” Strack said. “It supports a wide variety, from supporting the Salvation Army and providing meals at the food bank during Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter, to supporting smaller events and organizations throughout the year.”

The occasion began with a celebratory breakfast at the country club’s dining area as attendees lined up to sign themselves in. While the official beginning of the game was commenced by a shotgun start at 9:30 a.m., a pre-game was available where many would be surprised to see bottles of various alcoholic beverages dispersed throughout the green. If a participant’s impressive marksmanship would allow them to hit one of them with their white spherical bullet, the liquor would be awarded to them.

White Hawk Country Club offered four nine-hole courses, totaling 36 chances to hit birdies and feel the pride that comes with it. While this year’s outing oversold and sported a full house of over 300 participants, one attendant, Tom, was able to recount the first Strack & Van Til’s golf event that he attended 20 years ago, which then hosted 200 participants. As a vendor, Tom looks forward to these events and its social atmosphere.

“It’s good just getting together and seeing all of the people that you work side-by-side with in the vendor community,” said Tom. “I’m just glad to be here. It’s a great day.”

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