Strack and Van Til Thanks Vendors for Stocking our Shelves at Annual Vendor Christmas Party

Strack and Van Til Thanks Vendors for Stocking our Shelves at Annual Vendor Christmas Party

On Wednesday, Strack and Van Til hosted their annual Vendor Christmas Party for all of their vendors who regularly stock the popular grocery stores we shop at. The Vendor Christmas Party was held at St. James Hall in Highland. Representatives from each vendor company were able to enjoy a long buffet full of different meats and side dishes, including a festive table full of a variety of desserts.

People in attendance were invited to the party free of charge but were encouraged to purchase raffle tickets to win prizes. Prizes ranged in values and items such as televisions, signed Chicago Bears jerseys, and more surprises. All of the proceeds made from the raffle were donated to St. James Catholic Church.

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“We like to thank our vendors for their partnership and everything they have done for us throughout the entire year,” said Fran King, Strack and Van Til Executive Assistant. “People from all levels of vendors are here, ranging from the executive level, management, or drivers. All are welcome.”

It was clear that representatives from each vendor enjoyed the party as everyone was constantly talking and laughing with one another while enjoying a free meal and complimentary drinks from Strack and Van Til. Representatives were able to catch up with old friends and meet new ones during the event, creating a very friendly environment.

“I have attended this Vendor Party several times in the past,” said Tony Stafford, Vice President of Sales at Valu Merchandisers. “We have a true partnership with Strack and Van Til and it is important that we attend this party to show our support.”

From donating raffle ticket proceeds to St. James Church to hosting a free party for their vendors, Strack and Van Til is constantly showing their gratitude and appreciation, not only for their customers but also for the vendors who stock their stores every single day.

The Vendor Christmas party was a great way for representatives of different vendors and Strack and Van Til to celebrate the holiday season with old and new friends while enjoying a delicious food and dessert buffet. It was a unique opportunity for Strack and Van Til to give back to the people who give to them every day. For more information about Strack and Van Til, please visit