StoryPoint On-site Nurse Spotlight: Penny Nelson

StoryPoint On-site Nurse Spotlight: Penny Nelson
By: Aubrey Thomson Last Updated: July 20, 2020

After joining the StoryPoint staff as an on-site nurse in January 2020, Penny Nelson LPN already feels she belongs there. She has worked in long-term care and as a psychiatric nurse since 2007. In addition to serving as an on-site nurse for StoryPoint, she is the director of Laurus Home Care, which works closely with StoryPoint to provide additional care to residents when needed. 

Nelson decided to make the switch from nurse manager to on-site nurse when she realized she wanted to make a change. She wanted to be able to take her time getting to know patients while helping them, and viewed becoming an on-site nurse as a solution to working more closely with patients one-on-one.

“When this position opened up, I was very leery about changing my role as a nurse manager at a nursing facility. I told myself that I needed a change even if it meant getting out of nursing. Then I was chosen to work here,” Nelson said. “What I can say is life is too short not to be happy in your job. I love that bulletin slogan. I now can take my time, enjoy providing excellent care and make sure that I have the right team to do it.”

She admired StoryPoint’s dedication to finding ways to connect with seniors. That connection with the people she served is what she had been longing for while working at her previous job. This new position gave her an outlet to help people the way she felt best suited both her and the residents. 

Nelson was thrilled to discover that the culture at StoryPoint was focused on placing residents and employees first.

“What I think sets StoryPoint aside from the rest is that we truly care about our employees. When you are invested in your employees, they in return are invested. We believe in making the best experiences with every person in every interaction every minute of every day. My average day at StoryPoint is having fun and being able to give back and enjoy the residents,” Nelson said.

Outside of work, Nelson enjoys spending time with her six grandchildren. She looks forward to welcoming her seventh grandchild in December. 

With a grandchild on the way and a fulfilling job to pour herself into, Nelson looks toward the future with a smile on her face.