StoryPoint Chesterton Invites all to give a Farewell to Summer

StoryPoint Chesterton Invites all to give a Farewell to Summer

With summer coming to an end, StoryPoint Chesterton hosts and invites all to their end-of-the-summer block party. It was nothing short of entertaining and lively. With live music, local vendors, residents, neighbors, friends, and families, StoryPoint welcomed everyone and anyone to join in on the fun, meet, mingle, and shop!

Vendors lined up on the campus of StoryPoint and Life Enrichment Director, Alex Vode made sure that was an important aspect of the day’s festivities.

“A lot of the hospice companies are really important to our residents to know what they have readily available to them and what we can get for them,” Vode said.

StoryPoint Chesterton Block Party 2022

StoryPoint Chesterton Block Party 2022 38 Photos
StoryPoint Chesterton Block Party 2022StoryPoint Chesterton Block Party 2022StoryPoint Chesterton Block Party 2022StoryPoint Chesterton Block Party 2022

StoryPoint executed its plan of F U N with its mission in mind. StoryPoint offers independent living and enhanced living services to seniors and families with support, understanding, and a sense of community, and this farewell to summer supported every bit of that mission. The live music offered a community aspect that drew in the crowd they were looking for.

“You can never go wrong with music and I think the residents and community members enjoy it. I thought it was a good way to bring the community out,” Vode said.

Many gathered at this beautiful campus to listen to the music, shop local vendors, meet one another, and have a day dedicated to making people smile. The community piled into the parking lot and learned just what StoryPoint is all about. Tours of the facility were provided and the campus was full of laughter and smiles.

While StoryPoint is at the forefront of senior living with its immaculate facility and attentive staff, they also know how to keep things light and fun for its residents and community members. StoryPoint never disappoints and always hosts its annual shindigs to ensure that they do have that sense of community.

“We are trying to reach back out to the community. After the pandemic and getting back open to the public, it’s important for people to know we’re here,” Vode said.

The care and thought that goes into running the facility and ensuring the residents have everything they could ever want starts with StroyPoint Chesterton’s staff. StoryPoint’s youngest employed facility aims to please and its residents are at the forefront of that mission.

“They have the youngest staff. StoryPoint has lost experience in years, but gained experience in quality,” StoryPoint Chesterton resident, Laurie, said.

StoryPoint Chesterton prides itself on 40 years of delivering the best in senior living. Over 70 StoryPoint communities have won the “Best of Senior Living” award. The distinction is clear in the provided care, the amenities and activities offered, the personalized dining experience, and so much more. StoryPoint Chesterton’s team spends their days making sure that their residents get the most out of theirs.

“We want to be the spot that you want to come to when you’re in retirement age,” Vode said.

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