StoryPoint Chesterton dining services provides ultimate experience for residents

StoryPoint Chesterton dining services provides ultimate experience for residents

The staff at StoryPoint Chesterton works to do everything possible to ensure their residents are well taken care of and happy.

Their service extends to every part of their lives, including residents’ dining experiences. The culinary team always aims to give residents memorable meals three times a day. In addition, every week a brand new menu is rolled out based on the feedback from the residents.

“We like to be on a personal level with all the residents so we can build off of their feedback,” said Derrick Stevens, executive chef for StoryPoint Chesterton. “We want to try to find ways to improve every day and give the best service possible.”

Though the lunch and dinner menus have their set items, the staff still makes sure every resident is individually satisfied. The dining team tries to talk with every resident after meals to collect feedback and discover new options they might enjoy. While every resident may not get their own unique meal, the StoryPoint dieticians strive to ensure each dish is catered the way it needs to be for each particular resident’s diet requirements. For instance, if meat needs to be cut a certain way, or a resident requires a meal with less salt than others, dieticians will take these factors into account and deliver.

“The residents love all of the variety that we provide,” Stevens said. “We have a huge impact on all their lives, even if it is in the smallest way.”

The dining staff takes every available chance to spice things up once in a while. At least two or three times a month, they plan special events for their residents, including themed holiday menus, such as Oktoberfest, St. Patrick’s Day, and Havana Night. They also present showcases to the residents and show them how to make all different kinds of meals.

“We are here 365 days of the year, so we are always going to make the most of it,” Stevens said. “We have fun planning everything and the residents have fun attending.”

Appreciation emanates from the residents and the rest of the staff at StoryPoint, who know how hard each member of the dining services team works.

“Our chef spends the time talking to the residents about their needs and wishes,” said Tonya Sanders, life enrichment director. “He wants to go the extra mile for every one of them, and they take pride in everything they do, even the smallest things.”

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