Steve’s Deep Cuts: ‘Voices’ the Classic Articles that Steer the Soul

Steve’s Deep Cuts: ‘Voices’ the Classic Articles that Steer the Soul

Music is always evolving around us. Genres bend, tastes change, and musicians come and go quicker than we can learn to appreciate them. But through all the change, the Bosses and the Biebers, the Elvises and the Eminems, there has been one presence that has remained constant: the DJ.

Whether it’s EDM at Electric Forest or spinning classics behind the booth the DJ is the captain of your musical soul, controlling the pace, the mood, and the feel of the moment. DJs can take you to heights never imagined, or make you long for a slow sip of lemonade on a sweet summer’s day.

In this week’s version of the Deep Cuts we celebrate the Voices section. A section dedicated to the metaphorical DJs of our community whose passion, pride, and storytelling hav been the fire for the GOOD news express (pending trademark).

When Memorial Elementary showed heart:

What I love about Valpo schools is the commitment to building leaders outside of the classroom. Character requires effort and commitment, and Valpo’s commitment to character is the result of teachers who care about their kids, and a school system that cares about its community. This article is a beautiful reflection of a school system that truly cares about Valpo’s future.

When Brett got to be Brett:

When you’re up as DJ, that’s your time and only your time. This presents two options: either show the world who you are, or show the world who you are not; there is no middle ground when the attention is on you.

Brett’s restarted the “Links of the Week” blog engine, a collection of some of the cooler links from around the Internet we may have missed during the week, and in this week’s edition he offers a fire-laced hot take on free throws in the NBA that was 100% Brett in all its Brettness.. Definitely worth a read.

When we learned why the great teacher writes:

From her heart’s deep core....

Erin Parker, or “Miss P” as she is known around La Porte High School, is one of the most inspiring people you will meet, and her desire to better herself and those around her is reflected in her “Spark for Change” series. This is a particularly great example of the series, and a tribute to one of the greatest writers in history: Maya Angelou.

When Anna got to be Anna:

When you’re a DJ and you get to spin the songs you love, people can tell. There’s a heart and soul that shines through when you talk about your favorite record. Anna was a “girl in a guy’s game” when she covered football this summer. But football is a passion of hers, and she loved it and lived it this season. And the results are some of the more spectacular football shots you will ever see from a sports photographer I would put up against anyone in the country.


This is her story of the love of the game.

Enjoy these stories from some of our best "DJs" and be sure to tune in next week for more classic stories from the Archive of Awesome (pending trademark).