Steve’s Deep Cuts: The First Cut is the Deepest

Deepcuts12First times, there’s one of those for everything we do. Often, as in the case of riding a bike, you pretty much go into the venture knowing that there’s going to be some bumps in the road. But you keep your eyes on the proverbial prize, “keep peddling”, and eventually it all comes to fruition.

But that doesn’t mean your first time should not be remembered; you didn’t wake up and suddenly become a master of the Huffy, the only reason you’re showing off your wheelie in front of that cute boy/girl down the street is because at one point you couldn’t even sit on your bike without tipping over but you decided to keep on peddling.

With that said, this week’s deep cuts is dedicated to “the peddlers”, people’s first times trying something new, our first time trying something new; really anyone that took a chance and said “hey, I think I am on to something good here if I just keep peddling.”

Our first sports banquet at Portage High School:

As far as I can tell, this was our first go round in in the sports awards section, and it’s pretty fitting that it happened in a community that adopted the GOOD news crew right from the beginning. And for our first time on the bike, so to speak, the photos are pretty good.

Say hello to Cait (and Scoopie):

Pulled a two-fer out of this one, and it’s a goodie. This was Valpo’s first introduction to LIFER Cait AND its first introduction to Culver’s cuddly conical mascot, Scoopie. Over the years, Scoopie has been serving up smiles throughout the community, and Cait has become the driving force of the ValpoLife networks.

One thing hasn’t changed, though, Cait’s love of puns.

The first, First Friday:

The Michigan City Uptown Arts District First Friday Art Walks have evolved into something much bigger than just a walk through town. They are a celebration of all the city has to offer when it comes to art and culture, celebrating artists who have come from all over the world to draw inspiration from the beautiful city by the lake.

Check out how it all came to be here. 

All of our #1StudentNWI writers:

This is a particularly special shoutout to our AWESOME #!StudentNWI writers out there, who are getting their first taste of journalism, learning about the process along the way, and building a future for themselves in a career they want to be in. These kids know the meaning of keep peddling, and they know about learning, living, and sculpting your passion through experience so by the time you get to where you aspire to be you already know how to ride your bike.

Well, that’s it for this week’s deep cuts. Stay tuned to the article dial for our next dive into the Archive of Awesome (pending trademark).