Steve’s Deep Cuts: Pressure Creates Precious Things

Steve’s Deep Cuts: Pressure Creates Precious Things

Pressure creates precious things. We sweat, love, live, and laugh;

stress, worry, and work,

And we emerge

Stronger, harder, smarter,

And wiser.


They say obstacles are tests.

Here, the graphite of our pencils

Lay rounded, dull, and worn

Down to the eraser,

Proudly sitting on paper;

A quiet reminder of the trials

We all face and the answers

We all seek.


Pressure creates precious things.

Yet the weight of the walls

Can distract you from the pearls.

I can’t deny the stress

That seemed unbearable,

The nights I wanted to

Close my eyes and disappear;

Just as I can’t deny

That I am a better man today

Because of yesterday’s challenges.


What is a LIFER?

If in a night you completed

What you thought you couldn’t do,

And then felt unsatisfied that you could not do more;

But understand that you’re a better person today

Because of that;

That, is a LIFER.


After all, pressure creates precious things.

Thank you all,