Steve’s Deep Cuts: Classic Articles From the Site Archives

Steve’s Deep Cuts: Classic Articles From the Site Archives

The mixtape.

It is the classic, quintessential gateway from our ears to the soul. It’s an hour long, sound filled journey of discovery; whether that’s finding the music or ourselves.

But the mixtape is nothing without the thousands and thousands of songs that build up your collection.

We recently passed a major milestone on our sites, and during this inter-office high five session it got me to thinking about all the GOOD news that myself, and many others before me, tirelessly worked on to reach that goal. So, I went back through our retro section and the Archive of Awesome (pending trademark), and like shuffling through piles of old records for those few songs you needed for your mixtape, I clicked through pages and pages of great reads to put together this compilation of Steve’s Deep Cuts.

But every good mixtape is not without its theme, its goal if you will, so presented here today is Deep Cuts Vol. 1: Schools.

Lew Wallace Alumni Fondly Remember as School Closes:

This is a story about a school closing its doors forever, yes, but deep down it’s a feel good story about a great group of alumni and community members that will never let the beautiful memories created at the school be forgotten in Northwest Indiana.

Portage Baseball Team Shocks Crown Point, Takes First Sectional Crown in 18 Years:

This, a throwback from 2013, is a great Portage story about a real life moment in sports usually only reserved for movies. This was a big, big win for the team and a great, feel good story of a team playing for its coach and coming together at just the right time to shock The Region.

Albano’s Villa and the Annual Fellowship Dinner for La Porte High School Football:

La Porte is a special community, one where everyone knows each other and they wouldn’t want it any other way. What I particularly love about this story is it is about two community staples, La Porte Football and Albano’s, that really highlight the essence of the town and the heart of its residents.

Thomas Jefferson Elementary’s Community Service Project:

This one is relatively new, but if you haven’t checked it out, it’s definitely worth a visit to our ValpoLife site to read. There’s two great stories here, one is about some really great kids in Valpo doing a really nice thing over the holidays, but the other, more underlying story, is about how the schools are doing a great job to get their kids to learn some really powerful life lessons that can truly last a lifetime.

That’s it for Deep Cuts Vol. 1, a little new, a little old, but all awesome. Just like a mixtape should be.