Steiner Homes, LTD. offers unique homes with a personalized touch

Steiner Homes, LTD. offers unique homes with a personalized touch

Building quality homes with unique flair and individuality is at the heart of the Steiner Homes’ mission and is fueled by their fun, family-oriented, personalized approach.

“The best thing about who we are and what we do is that we design custom for almost everybody that comes to us for a build,” Steiner said. “We have 40 plus plans of our own on our website, but people will come in and say, ‘Well I like this but can we add this or change this,’ and we work with them to create something that is really unique to them and their taste. People come in with their eyes wide open and we do our best to make their dream homes a reality.”

With three of Steiner’s four children and his son-in-law working with him, designing at Steiner Homes is truly a family affair.

“We have the whole family working together and we really enjoy what we’re doing. It’s very meaningful, and we’re not delivering a house that anyone else delivers,” Steiner said. “We are very family-oriented and have a really great production team. They’re very good at what they do, and we have a lot of fun together. We build all over the place, and we trust everyone to go in, get the job done, and get it done well.”

Steiner Homes has been building ‘Arts and Crafts’ style homes all over the Region for years and is currently branching out into more modern home design.

“We’re transitioning to building more modern and mid-century homes, so we spend a lot of time drawing up new layouts and reinventing design,” Steiner said. “Designing with my kids is always an incredible experience. Just the other day we had five of us in here working together, trying different things, and kicking around new ideas.”

Building outside the box has been a staple at Steiner Homes since its inception and has proved to be a defining feature of all their projects since.

“When we started out we decided we shouldn’t be a cookie-cutter builder,” Steiner said. “If we were going to do this we wanted to make homes that were unique and different and really suited to our clients’ tastes. For example, we spend a lot of time on the custom design of a house’s front view and the entrance of a home. We pride ourselves on how it makes you feel when you walk inside, and the details that go into that.”

Much of this individualized approach stems from one-on-one interaction with clients and building a personal relationship with them to learn their desires and expectations from the start.

“My son and I will sit down with a client and create a design right in front of their eyes,” Steiner said. “We don’t charge at all for this part of the process. Our goal is to help them find a lot or find a design that fits them and what they like as well as the price tag they’re comfortable with. We never want them to be blindsided by cost or unforeseen complications, and we always want them to be satisfied with their final product.”

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