Steiner Homes Ltd. – Incredible Dream Homes Built on Passion and Relationships

By: Andrew Rowe Last Updated: June 13, 2017

Steiner-Homes-Ltd-Incredible-Dream-Homes-Built-on-Passion-and-RelationshipsBuilding the best homes in Northwest Indiana has always been the mission of Steiner Homes Ltd. To do that, owner Dan Steiner does things a little differently. Whether it was getting out in front of social media and Google, or being able to make significant changes within the company overnight, Steiner isn’t afraid to throw out the playbook to connect with and build a better home for their clients.

“We’ve got a five-minute rule. If someone gets a hold of us wanting to talk about a house, we’re going to respond immediately or get back to them within five minutes. After that, it’s sent off to sales where they have ten minutes to respond,” Steiner said when reflecting on building not just homes, but relationships.

“When you tear the numbers apart, there’s a huge correlation between how many sales you make and getting back to someone immediately,” Steiner added. “It’s astonishing!”

Paying close attention to details like communication and making that immediate connection with potential clients are just some factors that set Steiner Homes apart. For home buyers, building their dream home can be incredibly exciting, but quite stressful. That’s where Steiner Homes’ professionalism and expertise, from initial design to the finishing touches, makes all the difference.

One example of Steiner and his team being on the forefront of style and design in Northwest Indiana home building are their ‘Arts and Crafts’ style homes. They’re a specialty for Steiner Homes who have succeeded at building uniquely recognizable houses throughout Northwest Indiana that are now being replicated by builders across the region.

Steiner Homes have been building ‘Arts and Crafts’ style homes for well over a decade and, throughout the Midwest, they’ve become hugely popular since Steiner first brought the design to the region. Staying up to date on burgeoning trends and styles helps them deliver a product that no one else in the region can replicate, and it’s part of what makes a Steiner Home distinct.

“We really care about what we put into a house,” Steiner said. “We want to have fun! If I don’t like the front-view of a house I’m going to change it, and I’ll even give a customer extras so that it’ll look distinct.”

“People say, ‘I know your houses,’ and there’s a lot of little things that we do that other builders don’t pick up on,” added Steiner. “When you look at our homes you say, ‘That looks like a house in the movies.’ Nearly every house you see in the movies is an Arts & Crafts style house from California. Why is that? It feels warm and it feels good!”

Along with designing a beautiful, stand-out product for clients, Steiner Homes boasts industry professionals and experts who see to it that your dream home is as well-built as it is eye-catching.

The team at Steiner Homes includes past presidents and vice presidents of local and regional home builder associations, and, through their work in trade organizations, they’ve established relationships and connections with the region's best tradesmen. This assures that a Steiner Home is built with the utmost craftsmanship and highest quality materials available.

Steiner Homes Ltd. are building unique dream homes for clients throughout the region. To find out more about how Steiner can build for you, go to:!