Steiner Homes, Ltd. Advocates for Home Owners Associations and Here’s Why

Steiner Homes, Ltd. Advocates for Home Owners Associations and Here’s Why

When it comes to being a fresh homeowner, you aren’t just getting a new house—you’re getting some new neighbors, too. Whether you’re the type of neighbor who takes pride in a freshly kept lawn, or the type who’s so keen on tidy yards that you have the urge to ride over and cut your neighbor’s grass, wouldn’t it be great if every resident was held to the same accountability in keeping the neighborhood up to par? Steiner Homes stresses the importance of a homeowners association for that very reason.

What exactly is a homeowners association (HOA)? A homeowners association is an organization formed by in a subdivision, planned community, or condominium that creates and enforces rules for the properties within its dominion. Anyone who purchases property within an HOA's jurisdiction automatically becomes a member. Steiner Homes builds for many such developments.

Typically, HOAs are established to make and enforce rules regarding the properties within the jurisdiction. Most HOAs are incorporated and thus subject to state laws. Homeowners associations can also have substantial legal influence over the property owners. An HOA has a board of directors that is elected to enforce and oversee the HOA's governing documents. An HOA will often define its rules in a document called the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs), which places certain conditions on owners and their properties.

The conditions can include structural restrictions such as the types of fences or landscape allowed, or minor selections such as the color of paint on a house. This document should also outline the penalties for violating the CC&Rs, which may include fees, forced compliance or in some cases, litigation.

Most importantly, an HOA will guarantee that a community maintains an atmosphere of accord and harmony within a planned community, neighborhood, or subdivision. With a neat and uniform façade, these communities will preserve their benchmark living style—and you’ll never have to worry about your neighbor’s lawn getting raggedy.

HOA members largely aim to maintain a standard of appearance for the property, and the HOA provides the regulations and guidelines for the community, so that everyone is on the same page. Bonus features are usually included: HOA management services may offer amenities such as landscaping, pools, and tennis courts that are available for all the HOA members. Some HOA fees also cover the cost of trash collection and snow removal.

In addition, the community standards HOAs sustain support stable property values. So if you ever find yourself relocating in the future, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to sell your beautiful home for the same price you bought it, if not more.

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