From Small to Large Scaled Facilities, Steindler Signs Offers Affordable & Exceptional Service

From Small to Large Scaled Facilities, Steindler Signs Offers Affordable & Exceptional Service

University and healthcare system facilities tend to run on the larger scale of size and require that all things be in working 24/7. For many small businesses, a sign with a bum light can get fixed within the next week. For an emergency hospital sign, action needs to be taken as soon as possible.

Steindler signs accommodates immediate action when service is needed or demanded, which contributes to their family-like business touch. They work under many circumstances, from large scale jobs to the mom and pop businesses.

Tom Steindler, owner and CEO of Steindler Signs, spoke about how the relationship with large scale facilities started.

“After 5 to 7 years of being very persistent and reaching out to universities and hospitals in the area, we finally got our foot in the door,” Steindler said. “It started with engineered designs, small printing, and parking signs to the growth of what it is today.”

Chris Wszolek, Graphic Designer, Router, Estimator and, Web I.T. Specialist, has become the liaison for Porter Hospital and works with officials at Porter.

“They [healthcare facilities] appreciate having someone who is dedicated to that business. Now we are doing anything from little decals, matching coloring and fonts, to big emergency room channel letters, and signage like that.” Wszolek said.

When Steindler works with healthcare facilities or universities, there are additional requirements, including changes to their personal protective equipment.

“The demand is high. They have to have their signs working, and they need to be working now,” Steindler said. “If they call you, they need you at that time. We do that within reason, of course.”

Steindler has worked on projects for St. Mary’s and St. Anthony’s, and have a great working relationship with Porter Regional Hospital. They offer a free survey estimate for businesses, universities and healthcare systems.

Generally, when people think of signs, they think of design, manufacture and installation. However, Steindler Signs offers maintenance, removal, repair, light bulb upgrades and so much more.

“Steindler offers the quality of signage that one of the big guys in Chicago produce, but where we are located we can be five minutes away for installs or deliveries. We service the entire area,” Wszolek said.

Steindler Signs is one of the only businesses in the area that can provide immediate and customized service. They deliver high quality service while also being flexible, speedy, and on call at almost any moment. Though Steindler takes pride in their profile signs, they accommodate everyone and highly encourage anyone who needs a sign to feel comfortable to call.

“We cater to everyone, from the farmer down the street to large corporations like Budweiser,” Steindler said. “We want all customers to feel confident and comfortable that they are getting the best sign possible for a reasonable price.”

It is safe to say that Steindler Signs can handle any project, staying true to their slogan: Turning Your Ideas Into Reality. Their work is featured all throughout Northwest Indiana and has set the bar for many small or family owned business in the area. To view their most recent work or learn more, visit