Steindler Signs: Everything You Need To Know

Steindler Signs: Everything You Need To Know

STOP! In the Name of Steindler

Many correlate signage to simplicity, such as the instantly recognizable stop sign, or a billboard advertisement. But Steindler Signs wants you to STOP and think about what a sign could have the potential to be.

The stop sign is a thing of the past! Signs can be customized with graphics, converted into vehicle wraps, incorporate 3D letters, and made with almost any type of material.

With Steindler, everything and anything is possible, and many Northwest Indiana businesses and organizations recently took advantage of these endless possibilities! Steindler has a touch that invigorates our region and gives life to our world. Follow this link to take a look at various signage utilized by businesses you know and love.

An Inside Look Behind Steindler Signs and their Many Services

With a Steindler Sign, there is a lot more than meets the eye. What really goes into making a sign? You decide. From subtle touches to complete re-branding, Steindler takes what we all know as a sign and transforms it into something bigger than life. Additionally, the Steindler team sits down with clients and converts their dreams into reality.

Alongside signage and re-branding, Steindler Signs assists with parking lot lighting and converting lights to LED for a more eco-friendly touch. The team has Crane & Bucket trucks and trailers to assist the community with projects. They also have a top of the line 5ft by 10ft Router Machine that can route various and rare materials to their facility.

Take a look at a more in-depth description of what Steindler Signs has to offer here.

From Small to Large Scaled Facilities, Steindler Signs Offers Affordable & Exceptional Service

Steindler Signs works under many circumstances, from large-scale jobs to projects with mom and pop businesses. The demand is higher with large scaled facilities, such as healthcare systems and universities. The team strives and succeeds at being a business that provides immediate and customized service, with a personalized touch. Read more about Steindler Signs’ versatility here.

Steindler Signs Looks Back on Over 10 Years Serving Northwest Indiana

Tom Steindler, owner and namesake of Steindler Signs, has been a part of many changes in the business over the past 10 years alongside his creative and innovative team. Looking back and evaluating on 10 years in a dynamic and competitive way has given Steindler a great sense of pride in the company and his trusting employees. It’s been quite a long road for Steindler in the sign business and the road to where he is today. Join in on the adventurous and epic journey that Steindler and his team have experienced throughout the last ten years.