State Representative Slager Connects with Dyer Nursing and Rehabilitation

State Representative Slager Connects with Dyer Nursing and Rehabilitation

The good people of Dyer Nursing and Rehabilitation Center and the Sheffield Manor Assisted Living Residence welcomed Indiana’s District 15 State Representative Hal Slager on Monday afternoon.

The C.E.O. of the friendly facility, Ron Nunziato, alongside staff members and residents, opened their doors to give Slager a grand tour of the place that many call home.

“It’s extremely important for elected politicians to experience tours like this one, that way when they are in Indianapolis advocating for things such as increasing the budget for health care services or job readiness and job placement within the healthcare sector, they know the exact effect the passing or denying of a bill can have on us,” stated Nunziato.

Slager who also happens to reside nearby in Schererville, had the opportunity to walk through and experience the amenities the residences and staff enjoy on the daily basis.

“Our facility has a state of the art therapy department, on-site nurses and doctors that provide care seven days a week, an ice cream shop that operates every day, an in-house movie theater, a beauty salon, and an event center,” shared Regional Director of Business Development, Amy Nikruto. “This is why people come here. We provide exceptional care and provide an environment that allows all of the staff and residents to interact with one another.

“In the Assisted Living Residence, beside all of the amenities, one of the main reasons why people choose our facility is because of the closet space we provide our residents,” said Megan Bishop, a Regional Director of Business Development of Extended Care Consulting. “It may sound funny, but it’s important for those who are relocating to have enough space for their cherished belongings and clothing. It's important for a smooth transition.”

Residents Dennis Ramirez and Charlotte Miller, whom have been respectively living at the facility for thirteen and six years, expressed that they enjoy being able to live within a community that makes them feel welcomed.

Also in attendance for the tour was Savannah Neary, the Indiana Health Care Association (IHCA) Deputy Director of Legislative and Political Affairs.

“The whole point of the legislative tour is to meet staff and residents that are their constituents, and to show them what long-term care means,” stated Neary. “The idea of long-term care is a lot different from what it used to be 10 - 15 years ago. These visits help legislators understand what long-term care residents and staff go through daily - it’s hard for them to effectively pass or deny a bill if they don’t understand their experiences.”

At the end of the tour, residences and staff members had an opportunity to have their voices heard during a Q&A segment provided by Nunziato and Slager.

In a group discussion among Slager, Nunziato, Neary and the facilities Administrator, Kristina Herrera, the importance of insurance and having incentives for employees was brought up.

“Our workers love being here, they love that they are able to contribute and make our residents lives better and a lot easier,” shared Herrera. “My goal for Dyer and Sheffield is to make certain these facilities are an integral part of the community - whether people are looking for short-term rehab or an extended care stay, we strive to meet the community's needs.”

To learn more about Dyer Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, visit their website.