State of LIFE – 2014

Five years ago, we were four people working at a relentless pace above a garage, to build a website based entirely on one simple premise: Good News.

A crazy dream based on a basic belief that positive breeds positive, and that people want to read, hear, and watch stuff about good people. A place you can go to enjoy positive, community-oriented information about the town, city, or region you live in and the people involved.

A place where you can celebrate what is right in the world, share it with your friends, family, community, and neighbors at school, work, or place of worship...and have fun doing it!

Today, we are an army of good news "Lifers" who come from Lake, Porter, and La Porte counties to bring you every bit of good news we can find in Northwest Indiana. All because you and thousands of others have become a Friend of Life. You are our readers, advertising partners, contributors, team members, teachers, coaches, pastors, moms and dads, kids, volunteers, non-profit leaders, and all-around good people whom we have built this team upon.

We thought this crazy idea of focusing 100% on what is good could make a positive impact on the communities we serve. We asked if you have Good News to share and hoped like heck for a great response. Looking back on those first five years, your response has been the most positive thing we’ve uncovered. With your help, we’ve shared over 40,000 articles, 680 videos, and 250,000 photos covering sports, business, community, health, and entertainment.

You are part of the good news network of the Life sites, with 50,000 unique visitors, 30,000 Facebook fans, 10,000 Twitter followers, and tens of thousands of handshakes, encouraging comments, and smiles when you have met our crew out and about. So thank you, from every past and current member of the Ideas in Motion Media team. In ways beyond your imagination, you have helped make Life all it can be.

Keep doing good stuff - it’s good for business! Click here for the full State of Life 2014 PDF!




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