St. Mary’s School – Seventh Graders Learn to Save Lives

St. Mary's Students Enthusiastic about Showing Appreciation to TeachersSt-Marys-School-Seventh-Graders-Learn-to-Save-Lives-2016St. Mary Catholic Community School conducted CPR/AED training and certification for its seventh grade students and adult lunch helpers on September 28 , 2016. The training was led by Crown Point Fire Department Fire Chief Greg DeLor, who explained to the group that this was he has come to St. Mary’s to train every seventh grade class for the last 15 years. “Some of the students from the early years are probably parents by now. We’ve been glad to teach these life-saving skills to approximately 1,000 students at St. Mary’s.” It happened to be the chief’s Birthday and the St. Mary’s students made him a banner.

The entire St Mary Campus staff along with all seventh and eighth grade students are CPR/AED certified. There are three AEDs on site which are located in the church, near the school gym, and outside Hammes Hall (school cafeteria).

St. Mary Church and School remains committed to ensuring the safety of its members, students, and visitors. The training session was organized by Debra Huber RN, Wellness Coordinator for the St. Mary Campus.