St. Mary ‘s Community Catholic School Holds 2016 Wildcat March Madness

St-Mary-Basketball-Champs-2016-CollageThis time of year is magical for basketball fans. On Friday, March 18, 2016, St. Mary’s Catholic Community School held it's annual "Wildcat March Madness" 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament. Families and friends filled the gym to see who the champions would be.

The tournament consisted of two brackets. The 5th and 6th graders competed against each other in one. The 7th and 8th graders competed in the other. “There was a fantastic turnout this year. Each year the tournament seems to grow. The kids come out and give it 100% every time,” said Mrs. Melanie Light, Physical Education Teacher.

This years champions for the 7th/8th grade division was the “Crown Town” team, Nathan Warren, Peyton Horn, Lillie Tomson, and Anthony Pellicane. (Pic below royal blue team, names listed from left to right.) The players are flanked by referees Jake Brown and Elias Gerodemos.

The 5th/6th grade division champions were the “Hoopers” Mathew Zdanowics, William Beardsley, Bryce Yerga, and JJ Mullally. (Pic below white shirts, names listed started back row from left to right). Players are flanked by Teddy Sinal and Joey Mucha

A special thanks goes out to the St. Mary's graduates that came back for the evening to referee the games. They came back to help make the tournament that they loved special for the students competing this year.