St. Mary Medical Center Crowns Cardiac King, Queen During Cardiac Rehabilitation Week

St-Mary-Medical-Center-Crowns-Cardiac-King-Queen-DuringIn recognition of the 2017 Cardiac Rehabilitation Week, Feb. 12 to 18, Jim Campagna and Margaret Hansen were crowned the “King and Queen of Hearts” during a special celebration at St. Mary Medical Center. Both Campagna and Hansen are active members of the hospital’s cardiopulmonary rehabilitation program.

“Cardiac Rehab Week is a nationally recognized celebration that highlights the role of cardiac rehabilitation in aiding the recovery of heart patients and reducing the devastating effects of heart disease,” said Lori Turco, RN, cardiac rehabilitation supervisor. “During the week, we host activities that celebrate our patients and draw attention to the importance of rehabilitation as part of their recovery plan. Part of the celebration is recognizing two outstanding patients who are committed to rehab and maintain a heart healthy lifestyle.”

Campagna came to the cardiopulmonary rehabilitation program after undergoing a triple vessel bypass surgery and aortic valve replacement in 2014. As a former X-ray technologist who had worked in the cardiology field for 34 years, Campagna found his experience lessened his fears, along with support from the hospital staff.

“The rehab employees are extraordinary, helpful and truly know their field,” he said. “I can’t thank them enough for making the entire recovery process very easy.”

Campagna’s advice for others who have recently been diagnosed with heart disease is to “give yourself time to recover. You can’t jump back into your routine life right away. Follow the advice of your doctor and the rehab staff.”

Six years ago, Margaret Hansen began attending cardiopulmonary rehabilitation after a second angioplasty and stent placement. A regular attendee three times a week, she looks forward to working out.

“I feel refreshed every time I come,” she said. “The staff is very helpful and supportive, just like a friend would be. Rehab feels like one happy family.”

Hansen recommends that the key to success in rehab is a positive attitude.

“Take pride in yourself and do not give up,” she said. “Each day is a new challenge to see if you can do more each time.”

St. Mary Medical Center offers regular screenings that can assess a person’s risk for heart disease and other related medical conditions. Visit for a complete listing of upcoming screenings and assessments near you.