St. Mary Medical Center Breaks Ground on Addition to Surgical Pavilion

Wednesday marked the groundbreaking launch of the new surgical pavilion addition to St. Mary Medical Center. This Surgical Pavilion/ICU addition will add more than 113,000 square feet to the Medical Center. Staff and guests gathered in a canopy, despite the rain, to celebrate this exciting addition.

This addition allows St. Mary Medical Center to maintain and grow their surgical department with new technologies and developments to meet future patient care needs. The new facility will include: Surgical suits, procedure rooms, recovery units, 20 private ICU beds, and a family focused comfortable healing environment.

CEO at St. Mary Medical Center, Janice Ryba, shared her excitement on this new project and the many benefits it will bring.

“It really offers the growth opportunity for the hospital to recreate an entirely new surgery department. We will have 12 surgical suites, outpatient surgery capabilities, and state of the art recovery areas. We have a lot of technology and centers of excellence here already. We are one of the 100 top U.S. hospitals for orthopedic services right now. We think this is a natural progression of growth here at St. Mary’s,” said Ryba.

St. Mary Medical Center prides itself in providing the best care possible for their patients and the surrounding communities. The growth of the hospital will help them continue to provide state of the art technology to better meet the needs of their patients.

“We are really interested in continuing to meet the community need. We’ve continuously seen growth here at St. Mary over the last several years. We are committed with our mission and values to continue to provide the very best in quality care services to our local communities,” said Ryba.

Staff and key leaders in the hospital and community came in support for this monumental addition. With the help of a blessing from Reverend Thomas Mischler, the first shovels of dirt were risen to commemorate the occasion.

“We’ve come together as a city and community health care center as a time to celebrate this historic day. This has been a visionary idea for the community health care for a long time. We have finally gotten to the point where we can move forward. The city has grown in a very smart and cohesive manner. Hobart has such a good quality of life to offer its citizens. This is one more step in showing that,” said Mayor Brian Snedecor.

The extensive project not only helps provide to patients, but also makes medical practice more practical for the doctors working hard to provide for their patients.

“It shows the growth of our community and the commitment that St. Mary Medical Center has to the citizens of the community and its patients. We are trying to stay at the forefront medicine and provide high quality, low cost, medical care. This expansion will help the surgical side in medicine here. Right now, St. Mary’s has a combined medical and surgical ICU. With this expansion, we will be able to improve the bed availability by having more individuals from a medical standpoint in ICU beds because we will have additional surgical ICU beds,” said Thomas Golubski, MD - president of the hospital’s medical staff.

During construction, the hospital will continue to utilize its current facilities without disruption. The project is expected to be complete by summer of 2015. St. Mary Medical Center is eager to start construction on their new addition with high expectations for the finished project. They look forward to being able to further help the community and patients with their new advanced services.

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