St. Jude House Volunteers Touch Lives Across Northwest Indiana

St. Jude House Volunteers Touch Lives Across Northwest Indiana

Nonprofits such as St. Jude House are an essential part of any community. The organization, based in Crown Point, offers shelter and support to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. Close to 500 adults and children seek help from St. Jude House each year, and all services are free.. A backbone of a strong volunteer network allows St. Jude House to continue offering peace and safety to domestic violence survivors every day.

“Volunteers are essential in carrying out our mission, which is Celebrating Life and Serving with Joy,” said Lauren Zurbriggen, Assistant Director of Client Operations. “Volunteers assist our staff in delivering services to our clients that help them break the cycle of domestic violence and lead healthier, happier lives.”

The array of services and talents volunteers offer to St. Jude House is vast. Some work with clients directly by doing simple acts of kindness like helping them travel to job interviews, work, and other appointments. Others help plan and carry out special events that raise funds essential to keeping the shelter running. Just about anyone can lend a hand, no matter the age or skill set. For example, Madisyn Wimple, who just celebrated her 10th birthday in October, donated presents and raised funds to collect items on St. Jude House’s wish list.

“We are especially grateful for all those who volunteer to help support St. Jude House,” said Tracy Shearer, a Secretary of the Board for St. Jude House. “From our very young volunteers like Madisyn Wimple who collects donations in lieu of birthday gifts, to organizations who host third-party fundraisers for us, and everyone in between, every volunteer makes a difference and impacts St. Jude House.”

Shearer said all it takes to be an amazing volunteer is passion, a big heart, and a willingness to make a difference. It is simple to take part, and every bit of time spent volunteering impacts members of the Northwest Indiana community. If you ask St. Jude House intern Samantha Stooksbury, serving the mission is an unforgettable learning experience.

“Being able to see St. Jude House operate on a day-to-day basis has impacted me greatly,” she said. “There is so much love and compassion within this organization and it is truly humbling to be able to work with people who have such a strong desire to impact others’ lives. I have learned so much in my time here and am eternally grateful for the opportunity to serve the clients of St. Jude House alongside some of the greatest people I have met.”

Visit to download a volunteer application, or call 219-662-7066 to learn more.