St. Jude House Receives Grant from Legacy Foundation

St. Jude House Receives Grant from Legacy Foundation

St. Jude House received a $6,545 grant from the Legacy Foundation’s Lake County Community Fund to enhance the shelter’s security.

The upgraded and expanded security system has been in place for the past few months. The new system provides the highest degree of security for clients and staff. A remote access feature allows staff to monitor all areas of the facility—indoors and out. St. Jude House is grateful for the support of the Legacy Foundation.

St. Jude House provides more than 11,000 nights of shelter annually to adults and their dependent children who are fleeing from domestic violence. St. Jude House empowers these victims through the provision of compassionate and comprehensive services to break the cycle of violence in their lives and help them on their journey to self-sufficiency. The safety and security of clients during their stay is of the utmost importance to their continued progress and protection from their abusers.

“We truly appreciate this grant award from the Legacy Foundation as well as their continued support of the services we provide to empower survivors of domestic violence,” said Ryan Elinkowski, Director of St. Jude House. “Our first priority is to ensure the safety of our clients.”

“This is an important project for Legacy Foundation to support because safety and security is paramount in domestic violence shelters. Facility security precautions provide protection and support so victims feel safe, allowing them time to heal and work toward violence-free futures for themselves and their children,” said Kelly Anoe, Vice President, Legacy Foundation.