St. Jude House Now Offering Community Partnership Programs

st-jude-house-1200x800In the interest of continuing their mission to aid victims of domestic violence, St. Jude House has begun a Community Partner Program. As an opportunity for businesses and community members to get involved and to create a lasting partnership with St. Jude House, they’re looking forward to a mutually beneficial relationship with many groups.

St. Jude House’s goal is to help victims of domestic violence break the cycle and move into independent and successful lives. They work to educate the community and school groups, all while aiding those who have come to them for services.

“St. Jude House works to empower not only the victims of domestic violence, but members of the community,” explained Linda Perez, Executive Director of St. Jude House. “By forming partnerships within the community, we hope to spread awareness and hope for those in need.”

Proceeds from a partnership with St. Jude House go toward helping their many initiatives within the community. From age-appropriate educational presentations in schools to keeping their facility and 24-hour crisis line running, the funds raised from the Community Partner Program go toward furthering the scope and mission of the organization.

To foster the idea of a partnership, St. Jude House is also asking what they can do for those contributing. From mentioning partner organizations in their materials to offering educational opportunities for businesses, they’re interested in providing more than a simple thank you for those involved.

“We want to have a conversation with partners to know what St. Jude House can do for them,” explained Val Lay, St. Jude House’s Director of Development. “Can we organize a volunteer project that their employees would like to do? Can we do an article for their employee newsletter?”

With six levels of participation available, St. Jude House understands the importance of each level. Working to create a balance and provide benefits for partners at each level, they’re thankful for anything provided. With donation levels beginning at $500 as a Community Hero and ranging all the way up to a $25,000 partnership as a Community Innovator, each level comes with varying benefits.

Anthony Contrucci, Vice President of Community Relations and Business Development for Centier Bank, a Community Catalyst Partner, was thrilled to share their reason for engaging in a partnership with St. Jude House.

“As a community bank we are passionate about the health of our community, and I personally view families as our community’s foundation. That is why Centier, and myself personally, have stepped up to support St. Jude House,” explained Contrucci. “St. Jude House’s mission to support and serve those impacted by domestic violence and/or sexual assault along with their dependent children aligns well with Centier’s culture and values, in particularly caring. As a 5th generation family-owned organization, we are dedicated to serving families throughout our community. This sense of family is what truly differentiates Centier and allows us to Live our Legacy and be a passionate member of the community. We are pleased to be able to support such a wonderful organization and cause.”

Ameriprise Financial, John W. Vidal, Financial Advisor, is a Community Collaborator. John is also a member of the St. Jude House Board of Directors.

“I wanted to help the most vulnerable members of our society. St. Jude House is a refuge for people by providing guidance, education, and shelter for people who need it most. St. Jude House makes Northwest Indiana a better place to live by reducing and preventing domestic violence. Preventing domestic violence today will make all of our lives better in the future. I wanted to help give families a fresh start after a major crisis. St. Jude House empowers past victims with education that will give them an opportunity to improve their own lives and the well-being of our community,” Vidal said.

We have also had Strack & Van Til join as a Community Hero. Jeff Strack commented, “Strack & Van Til is proud to support St. Jude House through their Community Partners Program. We appreciate the services St. Jude House provides to the community by providing care and support to victims of domestic violence and their families.”

St. Jude House is able to do so many wonderful things for victims of abuse due to the donations and partnerships created throughout the year. To see how you can aid the organization in continuing their programs, check them out online, or give them a call at (219) 662-7066.