St. Jude House Nominee Wins Young Philanthropist Award

St. Jude House Nominee Wins Young Philanthropist Award

On November 16th, Madisyn Wimple was awarded the “Young Philanthropist” award from Association of Fundraising Professionals Northwest Indiana Chapter on their National Philanthropy Day Celebration Breakfast at Sand Creek Country Club. At the breakfast, numerous people, businesses, and organizations were recognized. All provide significant philanthropic support and leadership to nonprofits across our region. This year a very important young philanthropist was recognized after being nominated by St. Jude House.

Madisyn started collecting donations when she was only seven years old. Forgoing her own birthday presents, she only wanted to collect toys for other kids who were less fortunate. After her mom encouraged her to donate to St. Jude House family violence prevention center, she happily agreed. She took all the donations she collected from her party guests and delivered them to St. Jude House. This was just the start, as she has continued this tradition every year since. This tradition unraveled into the “Spread the Love Project,” which now accepts donations from local businesses and schools.

Madisyn delivers the message that one is never too young to make a difference in the world.

“I like helping people in need. I like knowing that I can make a difference in someone life,” Wimple said.

Madisyn’s donations have made a difference in many of the lives of the client families that seek shelter and services from St. Jude House.

St-Jude-House-Nominee-Wins-Young-Philanthropist-Award-2018_02“She is such a humble little girl,” said Shaya Wimple, Madisyn’s mom. “For her to be able to think of this at six years old and not only start these efforts, but continue to do this each year is remarkable in my eyes. She is a role model for her little sisters (Abigail and Avery) and we couldn’t be more proud of her.”

St. Jude house Board of Directors and staff was so overwhelmed by her generosity and initiative that they decided to nominate her for the Young Philanthropist award. Her remarkable achievements and giving heart guaranteed her the acknowledgement.

"Madisyn has a very giving heart," said Tracy Anne Shearer, St. Jude House board secretary.

Ryan Elinkowski, St. Jude House director, also commented on Madisyn’s efforts.

"Madisyn is an inspiration for people of all ages and a fantastic example of the great impact a little bit of giving can make."

It is clear that Madisyn is an outstanding example of what a young philanthropist can achieve in their community. For more information about St. Jude House and how to contribute to their efforts, visit