St. Jude House Community Partners Program Allows Local Businesses to Change Lives

St. Jude House Community Partners Program Allows Local Businesses to Change Lives

When you think about local businesses, the mind often jumps to your favorite restaurant or bar. Maybe someplace like Crown Brewing, where you make memories with friends and family. Or perhaps you recall the local real estate agents, like Pamela Joveski at Realest that helped you find your dream home. But there are other organizations, such as Crown Point’s St. Jude House, that provide a lifeline to Region residents in desperate need of a helping hand, and thanks to partnerships with cornerstone local businesses they are stronger than ever.

The Community Partners Program is St. Jude House’s way of staying engaged with the community and building a network of supporters who back their mission to provide support and safe shelter for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. Since 1995, more than 12,000 people have walked through the shelter’s doors, a feat made possible through the help of donors and their Community Partners.

“It’s important for St. Jude to reach out and be partners with as many businesses in the community as we can,” said Val Lay, Director of Development at St. Jude House. “That’s because domestic violence and sexual assault are community and nationwide problems. When we reach out like that, we’re able to provide education about these issues, especially to employers. One in four women are victims of domestic violence. If women are employed, their employer is a really good place to translate into someone who can help them.”

St-Jude-House-Community-Partners-2018-2Organizations of all kinds have joined forces with the St. Jude House. Crown Brewing, among the Region’s most iconic craft breweries and bars, is one of the shelter’s closest partners. They not only provide financial support but receive training in how to support victims of domestic violence that might look for or need help at their business.

“We like being involved with local organizations as much as possible,” said Zack Bryan, General Manager at Crown Brewing. “They’re part of the community, we’re a part of the community, so any time we can give back in a charitable sense is something we’re all about. We’re trying to be good stewards of the community, so when we get a chance to adopt a program that reflects our core values like St. Jude House does, we’re excited.”

It is difficult for people who have not needed the help that St. Jude House offers to understand just how much of an impact their work makes. Pamela Joveski, a real estate broker at Realest, spoke with Lay about the impact her support creates at the shelter and was overwhelmed to hear just how much it means.

“Just seeing and hearing from Val about what they’ve been doing with the money gives me a feeling that words can’t describe,” Joveski said. “Giving these families a fighting chance to get back out there and get on their feet is something special. I was amazed to know that people who come through can only bring one suitcase. Knowing that we can provide something, whether it just be a pair of shoes or a toy, is again honestly something that words can’t describe.”

There are six different levels of partnership participation, ranging from $500 donations as a Community Hero up to a $25,000 contribution as a Community Innovator. No matter the level of partnership, each donation is essential to the mission of St. Jude House. To learn more, please visit