Spring Mill Health Campus Rings in the Holidays with Senior Executive Club Party

Spring Mill Health Campus Rings in the Holidays with Senior Executive Club Party

Spring Mill Health Campus invited seniors from around the community to join them for their Senior Executive Christmas Party on Tuesday. Featuring food, hot coco, bingo, prizes, and camaraderie, the seniors got a taste of everything Spring Mill offers.

While Spring Mill Health Center focuses on providing short-term rehab, nursing care, and assisted living options, they also host a “Senior Executive Club.” Seniors from around the Region join the club and take part in bi-monthly parties at Spring Mill. For the members it’s a chance to get out, have fun, make friends, and enjoy tasty food. Spring Mill, aside from enjoying the company, also gets the chance to showcase what their facility is all about: community.

“It’s a place for them to come together, socialize, and enjoy whatever we have planned for that day,” said Kelly Pero- Petty, Regional Director of Business Development for Spring Mill. “It’s a great way to educate the seniors about the services we provide here, but also a way to get them out of their homes. There are some seniors that aren’t finding things to do and they get bored or become lonely. This is a community for them to join and have fun with here at Spring Mill Health Campus.”

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With Christmas just around the corner, Spring Mill’s halls were decked with beautiful holiday decorations and the seniors enjoyed a classic seasonal turkey meal. The team at Spring Mill consider it a privilege to host the club and were quick to make friends with some of the first-time party-goers.

“The same way that your average professional needs connections, so do our seniors,” said Dianne O’Connor, Administrator at Spring Mill. “None of them are sitting by themselves, they’re all chit-chatting and interacting with others. Quite a few of them didn’t know anyone here until today and they’re making friends, it’s wonderful. I’ve made a few new friends this way, there are already people yelling my name out that have just met me so it’s pretty cool!”

After lunch, the attendees enjoyed round after round of bingo. Spring Mill awarded each winner with a gift basket filled with candies, hot coco, and other stocking stuffers. For Rosemary Mellady, it was the perfect way to while away the afternoon.

“This is my first time out here, and it’s so pretty and nice, they’ve decorated it very well,” Mellady said. “I see that all these seniors are young at heart and really enjoy coming out and doing something like this, plus they get to learn about the different facilities. Everybody from Spring Mill has been very nice, and the seniors are so nice as well. I always enjoy talking to new people when my friends and I go out to these kinds of things.”

To learn more about Spring Mill Health Campus and their community, visit springmillhc.com.