Southlake KIA Invites Region, B96, Out For a BBQ

By: Jimmy Lafakis Last Updated: July 16, 2016

Southlake-Bash-1Southlake KIA welcomed popular Chicago radio station B96 for a summer bash on Saturday. B96 Street Crew members gave customers free B96 T-shirts and a chance to win tickets to fun family activities in the Wisconsin Dells.

KIA manager Mike Anderson soaked up the sun by cooking a variety of foods including hamburgers and hot dogs on his grill. He celebrated the bash with his daughter, Haley.

“It is more of a party atmosphere that makes the car-buying process a little more fun,” Anderson said. “Rather than going to work, it really feels like a party here today.”

Anderson said he felt grateful for the opportunity to welcome B96 to the dealership. He did admit that he listens to the pop station, but loves to listen to anything.

Southlake-Bash-3“It makes for a fun day,” he said. “It is a little bit more upbeat over here today.”

The event’s cheerful atmosphere attracted attendee Kathy Russell. Russell said she has been listening to B96 since she was a young child. Russell brought her daughter Lilly Nuttall to the event, and Nuttall received a free T-shirt from the Street Crew.

“I just love the radio station,” she said. “I was eight or nine years old when I first started listening to them. We heard they were coming and we had to be here.”

Russell also expressed a desire for a vacation. She said she felt that the opportunity to travel to Wisconsin Dells was a lucrative one.

Southlake-Bash-2“I work all the time, and I really have not had a day off in a long time,” she said. “I’ve never been to the Dells and that is why I would like to go. I have never been on a vacation since I had my daughter.”

Saturday’s gorgeous weather offered both fun and opportunity. Great times were had by all.