Share Your Sports Stories with NWIndianaLife Sports is a new community-focused website, dedicated to sharing an exclusively-positive view on the people, places, organizations, and businesses serving Northwest Indiana. We look to be a central hub for all of the great information out there and tell all of the great stories for sports and athletics in Northwest Indiana.

We are a small staff, and while we will be out at several games, events, and gatherings, we can’t be everywhere. We are always looking for folks to share their news with us, no matter what the event. If you are involved with something that positively affects the community, we want to know about it.

  • If you are a coach of a parks league team, AAU team, Boys & Girls Club team, a club sport team, then send us your results! NWILife is a perfect place to reward your team by writing a quick recap of your game, pointing out the good actions and play by your team. Even if you aren’t a writer, send in a note with some quick bullet points or call us & leave a message with some details. We publish anything and everything, as long as its positive.
  • If you are a parent of someone involved is youth sports, send us results and/or a photo! We’re always looking for new ways to spread the word of positive things going on in the community, and we believe the principles taught by youth sports are one of the pillars of positivity in La Porte County
  • If you know of a Northwest Indiana alum who is participating in athletics at the next level beyond high school (i.e., collegiate, professional, semi-professional), let us know! We’d love to track these alums’ accomplishments in our College/Pro category.
  • If there is a collegiate or professional team you are passionate about, we’d love to have you write a blog or article about it! We’ll publish anything as long as it’s positive and connected to the Northwest Indiana community
  • If there’s something we’re missing that you think would be a great fit on the NWInidanaLife sports section, send our Sports Editor an email or give us a call and let us know what you think! We publish anything as long as it’s positive and connected to the Northwest community.

Again, if you aren't a writer and want to send in or call us and tell us something short, brief, or cryptic, we'll flesh that out into an article for you. We want to start spreading the word about anything and everything positive going on in Northwest Indiana!