Share 2013 Good News Stories with LIFE

nwil-share-logoSince the creation of in 2009, Ideas in Motion Media has told hundreds of positive news stories across Northwest Indiana.

But with today’s immediacy-first approach to breaking news, it’s sometimes easy to miss these kinds of stories told by not just the LIFE network, but other Northwest Indiana media outlets as well.

As a journalist with a newspaper background just getting my feet wet in the online news industry, I reached out to some of the more popular newspapers, radio and television stations to see if they would be interested in submitting some of their best stories from the past year to be part of what would be a “Good News Round-Up” of stories told by a variety of media outside ourselves.

Surprisingly, I received few responses. But one longtime columnist known for digging up the good news in the region supplied us with three great examples of exactly what we are looking for.

Jerry Davich, columnist for the Post-Tribune and host of ‘Casual Fridays’ - a weekly radio show on WLPR 89.1 FM, found three of the most heart-warming stories of the past year, sharing the stories of a couple celebrating their 76th Anniversary during the holiday season, a man reunited with his family after decades of waiting and an inspirational bus tour offered by a man known as “Mr. Piggee”.

Andrew Tallackson, editor at The Beacher - a weekly publication based out of Michigan City, submitted more examples of "good news" features. In 2013, the newspaper shared the stories of Robert Komendera, a theater enthusiast who remained loyal despite a health scare and Ralph "Bud" Lies, a man who finds great joy in creating unique ice sculptures. Renaissance Academy eighth grader Leo McHugh Carroll was also featured for his key role in the big-budget film, 'Noah." 

The Niles Daily Star, a daily newspaper in Niles, Michigan (just north of South Bend), also submitted a good story, one that we’d like to share on the St. Joseph County Parks Department offering plenty of fun for Michiana residents in the winter.

Those are all what we are looking to share. But we know there are several more just like them.

We’d still like to see more of the Best of 2013 positive news stories in Northwest Indiana. Anyone recalling a great story from last year can submit the link to