September at Westville High

By: Kelsie Choy Last Updated: September 6, 2019

Westville Schools started August 14th of last month and it looks like it’s already off to a great start with fresh faces and new beginnings. The school welcomes new staff members: Mr. Dean, first year Vice Principal, AP biology teacher, Mrs. Grismer and math teacher Mr. Lavelle. This year Westville wanted the students to start with a positive and uplifting mindset. During the up-close and personal meetings, staff members gave notecards to every student and asked them to choose one adjective that best describes them. Many kids chose words such as, ‘kind’, ‘funny’, ‘hardworking’, and ‘determined.’ Recently, the students in 12th grade voted for their senior class officers. Congratulations to Vice President Sarah Henrich, Secretary John Rodgers, and Class President Kelsie Choy. The Seniors had a fun time participating in the election, which included many great and friendly but competitive campaigns.

What’s New? 

The theater department also prepares for its highly anticipated production of Beauty and the Beast this year and many students are ecstatic to audition! Westville High is also hosting it's first talent show open for all ages! Westville hopes to make this a fantastic and eventful school year and can’t wait to see what the future holds for it’s wonderful students and staff! 

Student spotlight 

This month’s student spotlight goes out to proud Blackhawk, Kathleen Wayte. Kathleen ventures into many school sports such as: volleyball, softball, and bowling. She additionally participates in the Westville movie club and breakfast club. Kathleen is an avid reader and diligent student. Her favorite class is English with the very knowledgeable, Mr. Barriball, and Speech with the delightful Mrs. Wagner. It is her last year at Westville High School and she’s counting down the days until graduation! Kathleen enjoys her education here at Westville High and appreciates all of her classmates and teachers. She’s excited for a great last year! 

Teacher Spotlight 

This month’s teacher spotlight is Mrs. Wagner. Mrs. Wagner teaches freshman English, Speech, Creative Writing, Debate, and her favorite class, Novels. She has been a part of the Westville family for exactly four years now. Some of her favorite books include: the Harry Potter series and The Handmaid’s tale. Outside of teaching, she is also the sponsor of the various clubs at Westville such as National Honor Society and the local book club. Mrs. Wagner is looking forward to seeing her first class, the 12th graders, graduate. This year, she is eager to see the new activities and opportunities Westville has to offer!