Senior Sales Specialist Faye Giles helps customers #GetFaybolized at Thomas Dodge

Senior Sales Specialist Faye Giles helps customers #GetFaybolized at Thomas Dodge

For over a decade, Thomas Dodge Chrysler Jeep RAM Senior Automotive Sales Specialist Faye Giles has been a friendly face for many visiting the dealership. She’s proud to be along with them for the ride from when they first step on the lot to long after they’ve driven away behind the wheel of their dream vehicle. 

“I’m always working with the customer in front of me to achieve whatever goal they have to get the perfect vehicle, get the best deal, and leave with that vehicle,” she said. 

Giles has always had a strong interest in the automotive industry. Prior to her role at Thomas Dodge, she was a manager at an auto parts store, which made it possible for a smooth transition into her next role.

Her easygoing and personable demeanor also made her a star on the sales floor.

“I literally went from selling the individual parts to selling the car with all the parts, and even then I was still dealing with the public. I don't meet any strangers, and I love people as a whole. That makes my job even more enjoyable – besides the fact that I'm a Mopar girl. I come to work and I'm in Mopar heaven every day,” Giles laughed.

However, it wasn’t until Giles began working at Thomas Dodge that she realized she had a passion for the front-facing position in particular. A conversation she had with a gentleman visiting the dealership in her earlier days was what made her find that sales were her niche, and she hasn’t looked back since. 

“I saw a gentleman walking around the lot. I walked up and started talking with him because it's not hard for me to engage with anyone at any time. One of the commonalities he and I had right out the gate was our hairstyle – we both had dreadlocks – so the conversation all started from there. Next thing I know, I had my first sale,” Giles said. “I would never ever, ever forget the whole engagement with him.”

Giles also looks back with fondness on this time as she remembers he still drives the same car he purchased that day, making it all the more memorable.

Moments such as these are what make her proud to be a part of the Thomas Dodge team. Selling cars is her passion, but it’s the people in the driver's seat who make it all the more fulfilling at the end of the day. 

“I'm so proud of the bulk of my business. Because I've been here for 10 years, many of the customers I have are repeats and referrals,” Giles said. “Whenever people who I’ve sold to before find themselves in need of a vehicle, they always come back to me, and they also send their friends and family to me. That's certainly awesome and something I'm very proud of.”

These relationships have also been the source of inspiration behind #GetFaybolized, a hashtag she created to further connect with customers in the digital world. 

“They’re so mesmerized by the car-buying experience working with Faye that they have at that point been officially ‘Faybolized,’” Giles laughed.

Working 10 years at a company is definitely a major milestone meant to be celebrated. Giles is honored to share this excitement with her team members and coworkers, including her general manager, the main reasons she’s stayed at Thomas Dodge for such a long time. 

“Here at Thomas Dodge, we're like family,” Giles said. “The culture is great, and we're here for each other. It's just an awesome place to be.”

Having worked in the industry for some time now, it’s safe to say Giles knows a thing or two when it comes to being successful in the automotive business. She inspires others looking to follow a similar career path to keep at it, even when times get tough, because you never know what’s waiting around the corner.

“Don't give up,” she said. “Learn all you can, read all you can, and just keep on pushing. Sometimes, all it takes is that extra step as opposed to stopping and turning around. You never know what’s right around the corner that you stopped at a year ago. Just keep on keeping on. Keep a positive attitude and learn as much as you can.”

Giles encourages anyone and everyone looking for a new vehicle to come out and visit her at Thomas Dodge to get the full experience on what it means to #GetFaybolized.

“If you know someone looking for a car, tell them to just come see Faye. You're looking for something nicer and newer and you want a good deal, come see Faye. I’m here to assist!” she said.

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