Science says now is the best time to freshen up your home for the holidays, but do it with the pros

Science says now is the best time to freshen up your home for the holidays, but do it with the pros
By: Kali Beatty Last Updated: December 11, 2019

With the holiday season upon us, you might be wondering how to make your home look its best on a budget. CertaPro Painters of Northwest Indiana has been the go-to residential home facelift expert for nearly 30 years. Their advice: science says now is the best time, and it’s easy to decide where to start. 

“You have visitors going in and out so the best bang for your buck would be to update those common areas where you’re entertaining,” said Jackie Coover, Commercial Marketing Associate for CertaPro Painters of Northwest Indiana. “First and foremost, it’s almost always the kitchen, and next would be those other common meeting areas: dining room, living room, guest bedroom, and powder room.”

Cabinet refinishing and repainting, drywall repairs, textured wall/ceiling repairs, and other touchups can make a world of difference.

Updating kitchen cabinets is a leader in current home improvement trends.

“Updating kitchen cabinets is a big trend and is a lot more affordable than doing a full kitchen renovation because you can still get that look and feel of a brand new kitchen,” Coover said. “Painting your kitchen cabinets is a great way to update your kitchen and freshen up your space.”

Contrary to what many believe, the cold weather season is actually the best time to paint your home interior. This is science at work. Coover states that the lack of humidity in the air and the cold temperatures allow paint to dry faster and look better. 

“The lower humidity also prevents the paint from peeling or cracking in the future,” Coover said. “It’s also really good for your walls and trim because when you’re running your heat it takes out the moisture in the air, which shrinks everything a little bit. You’ll get better caulking and repair jobs done in that time rather than when the walls are a bit swollen in the hotter months.”

Another perk is that if you can’t afford to do a project in the summer, it’s likely that you might be able to in the winter. Companies like CertaPro may have more flexibility in the winter to accommodate jobs at affordable prices, and cream-of-the-crop skilled painters are eager to have holiday work as well.

CertaPro Painters of Northwest Indiana offers discounted holiday rates for good craftsmanship during a time that is actually better for your home. 

“This is the time to make your house shine and sparkle,” Coover said. “You have visitors coming in and out over the next three months, and everybody always wants their house to look great. That’s why we decorate and do everything else, and this is an affordable way to do some home improvement projects.”

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