School Groups Welcome to Schedule NASA Exhibit Tours and Activities

School-Groups-Welcome-to-Schedule-NASA-Exhibit-Tours-and-Activities-2016From Jan 28 to March 22, the South Shore Convention and Visitors Authority, Challenger Learning Center and Glenn Research Center will present the NASA Traveling Exhibit – Inspiring the Future: The Legacy of Exploration. The exhibit is free and open to the public during normal business hours at the Indiana Welcome Center. School groups are encouraged to call the Challenger Learning Center to schedule tours and activities. Call Challenger Learning Center at 219-989-3250 or email

On Jan 28, the 30th Anniversary of the Challenger accident, an opening reception will be held at the Welcome Center from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. A presentation will be given by astronaut Gregory J. Harbaugh celebrating NASA’s achievements and honor the astronauts who lost their lives in the fateful explosion 30 years ago. Harbaugh is a 4-time spaceflight veteran and Purdue graduate who worked at NASA from 1978-2001. Participants at the reception will receive a complimentary photo as an astronaut; light refreshments will be served. The Opening Reception is open to the public.

The interactive exhibit informs visitors about NASA’s missions – past, present and future. The exhibits include artifacts, models and interactive kiosks with storyboards and pictures of NASA’s historic missions. Displays also tell the benefits of air travel and how NASA is making it safer; as well as a variety of successful NASA technologies that have been commercialized.

The Inspiring the Future: The Legacy of Exploration features an International Space Station Model and display, the permanent orbiting science institute in space capable of performing ongoing research and a driving force for emerging technologies. A space suit, showcasing the special suits designed for comfort, utility and protection from the harsh environment of space. A brain bites kiosk, an interactive program answering some of the most interesting questions NASA gets. A solar system scale, to see how much you would weigh in space and an astronaut cut-out for photo opportunities and a variety of other displays and interactive kiosks.

The Indiana Welcome Center is located at 7770 Corinne Drive in Hammond, Ind. located off of the Kennedy Avenue South exit from I-80/94. For more information about the exhibit visit