Schiralli Art Gallery makes its debut in Valparaiso

Schiralli Art Gallery makes its debut in Valparaiso

The Schiralli Art Gallery is set to open its doors on Wednesday, July 20 to the Northwest Indiana community. Located at 702 Lincolnway in Valparaiso, the gallery is the perfect place for a quiet, relaxing getaway for those looking to step back from the fast-paced atmosphere that has taken over most of our everyday lives.

Schiralli Art Exhibit 2022

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Schiralli Art Exhibit 2022Schiralli Art Exhibit 2022Schiralli Art Exhibit 2022Schiralli Art Exhibit 2022

Artist and Gallery Owner Rocco Schiralli noted that he hopes visitors have what he calls a “beyond, beyond experience.”

“When [people] walk in, I want them to just be totally blown away by the art, by the smells and the food,” Schiralli said. “The building itself, the architecture. The floors, the doors - it's a 122- year-old house that has been restored. We want them to appreciate all aspects of it. One of the mottos for us is ‘sights, sounds, and tastes beyond, beyond.’ We want this to be a ‘beyond, beyond experience.’”

Opening this gallery has been a dream in the making for Schiralli. 

However, this wasn’t his dream alone. When visiting the gallery, customers will also have a chance to visit the Cozy Cafe, run by Owner and “Cuisenaire” Tammy Rose, which was previously a catering business before the merger with the gallery. If visitors are then looking to stay a bit longer, the RocCozy Inn, a vacation rental, also sits on the property just behind the gallery and cafe, making it the perfect place for the ideal stay-cation in town. 

To have all the businesses combined has been the main end goal for the duo, and they have been hard at work over the past year restoring both the house and inn from top to bottom. Now, they’re beyond proud and on the edge of their seats with excitement knowing opening day has finally come.

“I'm looking for it to be open,” Schiralli said. “This is something I wanted to do my whole life. Tammy has wanted to do this for all her life. We've been working every day for the past year. We want people to come here and just have a wonderful experience - it's all about the experience. We want you to come here, look at the yard, buy smart, enjoy some food, and have a glass of wine. We want it to be a very special place where you just feel very comfortable and just enjoy your life. We want you to come in here and join the full experience of what and what it has to offer.” 

Creative talent also runs strong in both Schiralli and Rose’s families, who have either already been involved or hope to be involved soon with the business. From furniture makers, card designers, musicians, and more, everyone is eager to step in and contribute to the sure-to-be success the gallery, cafe, and inn are bound to see.

To add to the relaxing experience, Schiralli mentions he wants this to be the place where people want to go to slow down and take a break. For that reason, everything will be served in-store only with no options for carry-out, giving everyone the perfect amount of time to enjoy each other’s company surrounded by amazing artwork, delicious food, and uplifting and calming spirits.

The gallery can also host small parties for up to 25 people, perfect for small office get-togethers, business retreats, or even board meetings as well.

Those interested in learning more about or booking a visit at The Schiralli Gallery, The Cozy Cafe, and The RocCozy Inn are welcome to check out their website at for more information.