Say “I do” to the Allure for a magical wedding in Northwest Indiana

Say “I do” to the Allure for a magical wedding in Northwest Indiana

Featured image of Allure: Modern Elegance courtesy of Amelse Photography

Dazzling scenery,  breathtaking views, and amazing service - the Allure has everything you need to make your dream wedding or event a reality. With locations right here in Northwest Indiana, you don’t need to travel far to have the celebration of a lifetime.  

Allure: Modern Elegance
Photo courtesy of Trysh Jaeger Photography

Currently, there are two Allure venues in Northwest Indiana: The Allure: Modern Elegance in La Porte, and The Allure on the Lake in Chesterton. A third venue, The  Allure: Urban Gardens, also in La Porte, is set to be up and running by the end of the year.

“Each venue has its own feel and style,” said Owner Troy Clark. “We’re trying to develop a product that fits everybody's needs and desires on what their dream wedding or dream event would be like.”

For those wanting to be swept off their feet (perhaps with your prince or princess charming), prepare to be amazed with the Allure: Modern Elegance venue in La Porte. This location offers a fairytale ambiance with its elegant charm to help celebrate your happily-ever after.

“It’s a grand hall room,” said Clark. “We have a staircase coming down from either side of the balconies down into the middle of the grand ballroom, giving it a ‘Beauty and the Beast’ feel, with that castle, beautiful, fairy tale atmosphere. But it also has modern elements to it, too, so it's not dated and has more of a timeless feel.”

Allure on the Lake
Photo courtesy of Abbey Grim Photography

If you’re looking for a modern-rustic vibe that feels like a romantic getaway, then the Allure on the Lake venue in Chesterton is the place to be. This banquet hall has an industrial feel, and also includes a private island for those looking to hold a more seclusive ceremony.

“We have a private island where you can have a private ceremony and reception, or you can get married on the island and have your reception indoors,” Clark said.

For those getting married at the Allure on the Lake, a special package customized to each person is available to help take care of all your wedding necessities in one go. This includes a wedding planner, combo meals complete with a mouth-watering meal prepared by their executive chef, classic table decorations, and much more.

Allure: Urban Gardens
Photo courtesy of Troy Clark

“You don't need a wedding planner because we help you out,” Clark said. “We do day-of wedding planning. We help you through that process; we have your vendors list. A lot of our things are upgraded and they're already included in our package.”

If you’ve always dreamed of getting married in a winery or distillery, The Allure’s newest venue, Urban Gardens, is the venue for you.

“Urban Gardens is more along the lines of steel, concrete, wood and has a brewery, distillery or winery vibe to it that’s real industrial,” Clark said. 

The party doesn’t stop with weddings, either. The Allure is open to hosting all sorts of gatherings, giving your events that final polish you need to bring it all together.

Allure on the Lake
Photo courtesy of Jackie Brown Photography 

“We host everything, any type of events that you want,” Clark said. “We do business events. We do open houses, birthday parties, anniversaries, class reunions, weddings, and the like.”

Allure on the Lake
Photo courtesy of Abbey Grim Photography 

Whether you’re dancing the night away with just close family, or inviting all your extended family along to toast you good luck, Clark explained that all three venues are able to cater to all events both big and small. Modern Elegance can hold between 65-325 per event, Allure on the Lake can hold between 65-325 per event, and Urban Gardens can accommodate 65-250 people per event. 

No matter what venue you choose, no two events are ever the same, and that excitement is something Clark loves every time.

“Every event is unique and exciting,” he said. “I always get excited every time I see the bride and groom in the ceremony site, taking their vows or getting married because I know how exciting that is. That's the beginning of their lives, and that's where really everything comes together. It's an exciting time. It never gets old.”

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