Save on Your Ride’s Winter Necessities with Levin Tire’s January Specials

LEVIN-1Proper car maintenance is always important, no matter the season, but during the winter months it’s not only important; it’s necessary for your peace of mind, and your safety. The last thing anyone wants to during the season of snow and freezing temperatures is be stuck on the side of the road waiting for someone to come help.

And while accidents are never completely avoidable (that’s why they’re called accidents after all), doing the little things like oil changes, alignment checks, and routine inspections can help keep your car rolling through the winter.

Levin Tire and Service Center is here to help with specials on the repairs and services you need to keep your car going through the snowing.

$5 off any service- This includes two of the most helpful winter services out there: oil changes, and heating service. A properly running heater is not only key to your happiness, but also your healthiness, and one of those things that if you haven’t had checked in awhile, or ever, the best time to get it checked out is when it’s still working.

$10 off Alignments-

Your tires are where the rubber meets the road, and because of that they are taking the most wear and tear every time you go out. Alignments can help your wheels stay safer longer and assure that those avoidable accidents don’t happen.

$15 off any service when you buy 4 new tires –

If you’re thinking it might be time for your car to get some brand new shoes, winter would be a good time to act on it, and we’ve already mentioned why. And as long as you’re getting some new tires why not go ahead and get an oil change why you’re there – you got this coupon, after all.

Stop into Levin this month and take advantage of the specials on their website. And don’t forget about