Sand Creek Country Club Rings in New Year With Family Celebration

Sand Creek Country Club Rings in New Year With Family Celebration

One of Sand Creek Country Club’s resolutions for 2017 is to produce a great environment for youth and families.

It is a mission they have been committed to for more than a decade. Without it, Sand Creek’s members would have missed out on an early New Year’s Eve party. The Dec. 28 celebration was a hit with children and parents alike.

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“I like to think it strengthens our community,” said Kenny Furness, Food and Beverage Operations Manager at the Country Club. “Many families haven’t met each other yet. It’s a good chance to become friends. [New Year’s Eve] is a chance for new beginnings.”

The annual dinner and dance party was once for adults only. But a second celebration was added in 2005 to keep the kids involved.

“The youth are a big part of our membership,” Furness said. “We want to keep them included in what we do.”

The family party had a sweet and savory buffet for diners of every palette. A DJ mixed throwback pop songs and new radio favorites. LED lights glazed over an active dance floor.

“We’ve been to many, many events here,” said Dr. James Dworkin. “[My wife and I] bring our grandchildren and they have a good time. The events are fun for families and kids, it’s good to get the cousins together. [Sand Creek Country Club] puts on a good event. It’s always fun.”

Everyone’s favorite part is the countdown to the new year.

They gathered together on the dance floor with their glossy top hats and party poppers. From ten to one they chanted away 2016. A spray of confetti and cheering welcomed 2017.

“I love it,” said server April Adkins. “This is my first year here so it’s all new to me but I love to see events like these. I love coming to work. With things being so hectic for everyone now, Sand Creek [Country Club] brings them together. You’ve got to take time and enjoy it, live life to the fullest.”