Sales team member Paige Seely carries on the Thomas Kia of Highland family tradition

Sales team member Paige Seely carries on the Thomas Kia of Highland family tradition

Paige Seely is one of the newest sales employees at Thomas KIA of Highland, starting this past January. She’s already well on her way to becoming a notable member of the dealership’s sales team. In fact, she recently made a splash with her first car sale at the beginning of the year.

“She was such a nice customer, and the Sportage I sold to her was a perfect fit,” Seely explained. “It was a great, smooth experience that will undoubtedly set a standard for my future car sales.”

Seely’s father, Tom, is the General Manager at Thomas KIA of Highland, and he thought it would be an excellent job opportunity to have right now, not only during her current college years, but also valuable as a first step into the world of sales.

“Both of my parents are in the sales field, so I see this as a sort of natural progression in terms of careers,” she said.

Seely describes the environment of Thomas KIA of Highland as uplifting and positive. A typical day at the dealership involves several in-house meetings and meeting with customers, but it’s an enjoyable experience for her.

“Everyone who works here is awesome,” Seely said. “Whenever someone needs assistance, there is another person ready to spring into action and help however they can. The people who work here are such a nice bunch.”

Seely revealed what it takes to be a competent salesperson and what she learned about herself in this role these past few months.

“In order to be successful in this position, you have to have incredible attention to detail, product knowledge, and confidence,” Seely said. “It’s also important to be able to connect with customers in a professional way while also being incredibly approachable. I’ve learned how to be more dedicated and more efficient in terms of times management. But more importantly, this position has made me realize that sales could have a role in my future.”

Seely currently attends Purdue University Northwest, with a major in business management and a minor in sales. She is also looking into real estate. She foresees a bright future for herself in the field of sales.

“I feel like I’ve become a better person during this experience. My personal being and the way I view things has really changed for the better. And the best part is that I have such a great support system here at Thomas KIA of Highland.”

To connect with Seely, feel free to call the dealership at (219) 934-2266 or visit their website at