“Risk & Business” magazine establishes print presence for General Insurance Services

“Risk & Business” magazine establishes print presence for General Insurance Services

Print marketing has become a novelty in recent years as companies shift to developing a presence in the digital realm. General Insurance Services (GIS) already has a scroll-stopping online presence, so when tasked with developing a new marketing strategy, the company leaned into the art of print marketing.

“Risk & Business” is a semiannual magazine distributed by GIS that provides clients with insider tips from representatives of the company and internationally-acclaimed business experts. Marketing Director Kara Moon feels stepping back into the print era has been a unique approach to connecting with clients in today’s world of digital marketing.

“A lot of businesses have been moving to the more digital side of things like websites, blogs, or social media. While we do that, we also thought that this would be a unique way to share our experience and insights into businesses within the Region to provide different content that will help move the mission forward,” said Moon.

The first issue of “Risk & Business” was released in the spring of 2018 and is released twice a year in the spring and fall. The magazine offers tips and solutions to help businesses manage risks and possible threats according to trending topics at the time.

Moon is the mastermind behind the content and themes of each magazine. She chooses topics that relate to what clients have been struggling with in hopes of providing proactive advice to clients who may experience the same issue in the future.

“We're hoping to provide insights that are going to help businesses thrive,” said Moon. “We just want to educate more or less in a proactive approach so that when the time comes that you may have to have a claim, we've provided information to help mitigate that.”

In addition to providing businesses with proactive guidance, “Risk & Business” helps bridge the gap between the team at GIS and its clients. The magazine always uses photos of representatives within the company to add a more personal touch to the publication.

“It's been a nice touchpoint for us. We always get a lot of great feedback. Our covers are always our team members, so that helps with recognition, and it's actually a really good way to get people talking. It's also great for our team too, because if we've got topics in there that are pertinent to what we're seeing with our clients or prospects, you can then give them a copy of the magazine."

The reinstatement of print marketing in a digital era has proved to be beneficial to the team at GIS, and the integration of the magazine into the company’s digital outlets has been an effective way to combine both marketing avenues to reach a broader audience.

"Risk & Business" aims to present useful information in a unique way. Distributing the magazine in both the print and digital realm ensures that every client has the opportunity to absorb the information and benefit from the publication.

“We want to continue to use it where we can add it to our digital marketing efforts as well. Being able to tie the two together, the current and traditional form with the digital, is great. We're going to be adding it to our email marketing as well, so we have that coming in the next few months. There’s definitely some areas of growth for it,” said Moon.

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