Revolution Brewing Arrives In Northwest Indiana

Revolution Brewing Arrives In Northwest Indiana

Lovers of Chicago’s Revolution Brewing can rejoice. You’ll never have to leave Northwest Indiana to get your fill again.

Revolution Brewing, one of the largest craft breweries in America, is working with Indiana Beverage to distribute Revolution brews to bars in Northwest, Indiana.

Matt Johnson, the craft beer manager for Indiana Beverage, is excited to see the partnership finally come together.

“We’re excited that we’re bringing a little of Chicago’s brewing culture to Indiana. We’ve seen then grow faster than any other brewery in the country. We really like Revolution. They’re an amazing brewery to be partnering with and they’re local.”

Revolution Owner, Josh Deth, is happy to finally be putting product in Northwest Indiana.

The story of Revolution starts in 1995 when Josh started cleaning brewing tanks and learning about the business.

When he reached the position of brewer at age 20 and he started dreaming about what Revolution Brewery will become today.

“I was happy to be a brewer. I wanted to become a professional brewer. I developed the name and logo. I had the name, I could brew the beer, but I couldn’t run the business. I got a degree in economics. I’ve grown with Revolution and learned so much along the way.”

Revolution has grown so much since 2010. They opened the Revolution Brewpub and the Revolution Tap Room on Kedzie in Chicago. They currently have 180 employees.

Many of those employees work at the brewpub, where all of the food is made from scratch.

According to Deth, the Taproom can be a fun and insane place to work.

“When we’re in full production, we work 24 hours a day. We all work 8-hour shifts and hand it right off to the next person. We have to have confidence in everyone, and we have the most experienced brew team around. We’re very much like a family, and we’ve all grown so fast.”

No one could be more passionate about brews than Josh Deth, but no one could be happier about working with Revolution than Bob Jacobs, Vice President of Sales with Indiana Beverage.

“I’m so excited, I can't tell ya," Jacobs began, "This has been a five-year relationship in the making. To have this happen is really exciting for us. We’re very selective about our partners. We look for great beers, and great people to work with who have great brands and consumer following. The consumers are so excited about Revolution”

Look for Revolution's Anti-Hero, Deth’s Tar, or Local Hero in your local bar.

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