Retire old tires for a fraction of the cost at Levin Tire & Service Center

Retire old tires for a fraction of the cost at Levin Tire & Service Center

There’s a lot riding on a set of tires. Whether they’re hauling a family, group of friends, beloved valuables, or simply the vehicle itself, a reliable set of tires is an unnegotiable asset to any type of travel.

Because of their demand, however, buying new tires can be a costly investment. For folks on a budget, it can be hard to justify spending hundreds of dollars on tires when the current ones are still in-tact, despite being extremely worn.

The dangers of driving on worn-out tires can also be costly, and weighing the costs between the two options often puts people at a crossroads. Should they drive on worn tires and risk an accident, or spend more than they can afford to buy new tires?

Luckily, Levin Tire & Service Center works to meet customers at that crossroads and offer a solution to satisfy safety and budget-friendly priorities.

Buying used tires is a great option for people looking for affordability and value in a tire purchase. Whether it’s a quick fix in a time crunch or a way to save money, buying used is often a perfect solution.

“We offer an economic alternative to tires in this area. We just see it, especially with the current inflation and everything, as an option for us to provide the community with a cheaper alternative as an interim or in a pinch. If they need a short-term solution to replace a new tire, we can give them that option,” said Hobart Store Manager Damian Thomas.

Buying used doesn’t mean that the quality is compromised. Though the tires have some wear, experts at Levin ensure that each and every tire has plenty of life left.

Every tire that comes into Levin is measured and logged by a service technician who visually assesses each tire. Then, the tread depth and sidewalls are thoroughly inspected for damage. After the visual inspection, the tire is fitted onto a matching rim and inflated to check for any leaks or imperfections.

The inspection process is tedious, but the result is an inventory full of reliable tires ready for use.

“I don't sell anything that I wouldn't put on my own vehicle,” said Thomas. “Every tire that comes into my shop is inspected. If there are any issues with the tire, it's brought to my attention and then I determine whether we're going to keep the tire or get rid of it. I don't keep anything that I wouldn't consider road safe for myself or my children. Every tire that I sell has well over half its life left on the tire tread.”

Used tires can last for years if they have low wear, but tires with more wear can still last for a substantial amount of time. At Levin, every tire is guaranteed to have at least half of its life left, and often tires are nearly brand new.

“In the worst-case scenario, people can get six months to a year out of their tires. In the best-case scenario, I've had people that I’ve been able to put almost brand new tires on their vehicles that last for two or three years,” said Thomas.

In many situations, buying used tires may be the best solution to saving money and ensuring the safety of you or your loved ones while on the road. For expert service and a large selection of both new and used tires, look no further than Levin Tire & Service Center.

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