Residential Clinical Services’ Spring Networking Event Brings Healthcare Professionals Together for a Night of Collaboration

Residential Clinical Services’ Spring Networking Event Brings Healthcare Professionals Together for a Night of Collaboration

Just as the brief glimpse of sunshine and warmer weather on Thursday brought Northwest Indiana healthcare professionals out to socialize and mingle, the team of healthcare professionals at Residential Clinical Services brought together other healthcare service providers throughout the community at the RCS spring networking event at Gamba Ristorante in Merrillville.

“Tonight’s all about what different entities from the healthcare community, can do when they come together and help one another,” said Donna Brandy, the Director of Marketing for Residential Clinical Services. She continued, “RCS is growing to meet the needs of our community and these partnerships are important to facilitate these changes.”

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“There’s so many different types and branches of healthcare out there, so connecting those different groups is one of the reasons why tonight is so important,” said Donna. “There are so many instances where bringing those different groups together can do a lot of good. Maybe one company or health center might not know about another center that they can refer patients to, so this event allows those relationships to form.”

Rob Storey and Greg Farley, co-owners of the local Amada Senior Care location, were a testament to that very purpose.

“Events like this really help us to not only grow our business, but also our own referral source, so when a client needs help we know who to call,” said Storey.

Farley agreed with this business partner, adding that the RCS’s event provided a benefit to healthcare companies that might be new to the area, and allow those businesses to do what really matters - care for patients and those in need of help.

“I never thought I’d be my own business owner, but now that Rob and I are co-owners we can make those specific decisions to really help people out and make a difference, instead of just worrying about the bottom line,” said Farley.

Dr. James Meade, a podiatrist of twenty-five years representing Pediatric Medical Associates, commented on how gatherings like this allow room for professionals from different healthcare providers to actually meet in person, allowing more room for new ideas through collaboration.

“In addition, in healthcare we always use each other’s services, but you don’t always put a face to who you’re talking to on the phone,” said Dr. Meade. “So that’s really helpful to put a face to the voice or the person you’re getting a referral from.”

Dr. Steven Svabek, an orthopedic spine surgeon from Crown Point, discussed that even though there is competition between healthcare professionals, everyone present at the networking event came out to collaborate and better themselves for the community.

“I think the common goal is always patient care, that the patient gets taken care of properly,” said Dr. Svabek.

There was delicious Italian food from Gamba Ristorante that attendees enjoyed, all while engaging in conversation on moving the world of healthcare forward in Northwest Indiana. Coming together and collaboration was the main objective of the evening with the hope of providing the best heath care service to the region.

"What RCS did here tonight, bringing everyone together over great food and great company, has just been wonderful," said Kelly Pero-Petty, Regional Director of Business Development for Extended Care Consulting. “It’s all about working together in this type of business, and it’s just great to connect with our partners throughout the community.”

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