Residences At Deer Creek Employee Spotlight: Vanessa Schiola

Residences At Deer Creek Employee Spotlight: Vanessa Schiola

Residences at Deer Creek is known for their excellent care, facilities, and, of course, their food. With a menu that never disappoints, the culinary staff have always done their best to make residents happy. Now, that responsibility has shifted to Vanessa Schiola, who was promoted to Executive Chef in July.

With 20 years of experience in the food industry and six years with Residences at Deer Creek, Schiola has a passion for using something simple to put a smile on someone's face. Now, she’s taking steps to insure that meal time remains a fun, positive experience for all involved.

“Meals are one of the most important parts of [the residents’] day,” Schiola explained. “Residents come down for two hours chit-chatting with a group of friends. When you bring a plate and they’re smiling, thrilled with what you’re doing, that’s what I’m here for.”

Schiola is excited to be in charge and help create a menu that residents are excited about. By taking suggestions, putting a modern twist on their old favorites, or finding ways to get them trying new things, Schiola enjoys the challenge that comes with creating a great meal.

“We go for suggestions a lot but we always put a fresh twist on it,” Schiola explained. “I also like to sit down with my staff and get their ideas for events or menu changes so that they’re a part of the team, too. It’s very nice to know you can make someone happy with something simple.”

While the ability to create a positive experience through food is a great opportunity for Schiola, the dedication and care she’s witnessed at Residences at Deer Creek are what keep her there. From the Executive Director, who takes the time to visit with residents and talk with families, to the dedicated memory care units where residents are able to live in a safe environment, the company takes a personal approach to all they do.

“Here, it is 100% for the residents,” Schiola said. “We do everything to make sure they’re happy. This is their home and we want them as happy as they can be.”

Clearly the positive environment has made a great impact on Schiola throughout her six years with Residences at Deer Creek. Whether it’s creating a new meal from scratch or following a favorite recipe from the past, Schiola has found a simple way to make the residents happy.

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